When She Has Kids

It may surprise you that many of the fun drunk girls you see out clubbing, dancing in their skin-tight dresses, have a baby waiting for them at home. In the US, over half of women between 15 and 44 have at least one child. Even some of the younger ladies are moms- about ten per cent of mothers gave birth to their first child between 15 and 19 years old (2009 data from the Census Bureau).

Worth it?

And while mothers may not have the freedom to party it up every weekend, if they can offload the kids onto a babysitter for the night, you often find young moms having a good time on the dance floor. So what do you do when you start talking to the honey you?ve picked up, and she tells you about her kids?

Treat her as a person, not a parent

She?s gone out clubbing so she can forget her responsibilities for a few hours – not to be constantly reminded of her tot at home. When she mentions her kids, don?t make the conversation about them – perhaps you could ask how old they are, but then turn the conversation back to her. Ask her questions about her life and aspirations, keeping in mind that she is herself first and a parent second. Don?t assume that her life is all about being a mom. You want to set yourself apart from other guys, who are likely to fall into the trap of only talking to her about her kids, or leaving once they find out she comes with baggage.

You?re just hooking up, not becoming an instant daddy

Some men are scared off by women with kids – which is fair enough if you?re considering entering a relationship but don?t want that much responsibility. However if you?re both just looking for some fun, then her kids are a bit irrelevant. If you sleep with her, you don?t become an instant father to her children (but make sure you?re safe, so you don?t accidentally become a dad in nine months? time).

Take her to your place rather than going to hers, that way you can avoid encountering her children the next morning, and she won?t be concerned with keeping quiet.Even if her kids are somewhere else for the night, putting her in the new setting of your house will mean she can enjoy herself in a place that doesn?t have kids? toys strewn everywhere.

The one thing you should NOT say!

If she?s hot and a mom, you may think you?re being ever so witty in telling her she?s a MILF. Even if you mean it as a compliment, it will come out offensive as it implies that she is old and desperate. Not to mention, she?s probably been called a MILF countless times before and is sick of it. Also, if she?s a young mom, don?t ask her if her children were accidents. That?s just rude and will probably offend her.

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