How to Choose Cologne

Our sense of smell is the only sense connected to our dinosaur brain. That means it immediately hits our emotions and evokes a reaction. It can take you back to wonderful childhood memories or turn you on in the bedroom.

Choose wisely

I believe that the way you smell is more important and does more for how you present yourself to the world than your looks or the way you dress. The way you smell can heighten the chances of scoring with the girls or it can break them. My last article dealt with how to avoid body odor and bad breath. This week’s article hopefully will enlighten you on how to choose a fragrance that will enhance your personality, make you feel good and increase your success rate in every area.


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a fragrance is the chemistry. If you like a scent in your friend?s armpit it doesn?t mean that it will smell the same on you. Your skin is different and anything you apply to it will turn into an individual scent that is unique to you. So don?t just go out and buy a fragrance because you think it might smell good. And please don?t buy it because the advertising for it tells you that women will run after you once you spray it all over your body.


Make your way into a perfumery but avoid having perfume sprayed onto your wrist. They will try to do this but you are not there yet. Get them to spray a few fragrances on a card instead and once you have eliminated smells that you don?t like get them to spray your favorite on your wrist.

Time to sniff!

At that point it is time to leave the shop and walk around the block to let the fragrance settle and see what it does in combination with your skin. Give yourself an hour. If you smell it then and still like it why not ask a friend or even just a nice girl next to you in the coffee shop to give you their opinion. (great way to pick up!). If you like the scent and she does too then it?s a winner.

Don?t despair. It might take another visit to find the right fragrance. After all it is a bit of an investment and one of the areas worthwhile investing in. Don?t go for the cheap stuff. It might smell good at the beginning but can turn into cat piss after an hour.

Little is more

And one last word of advice: be subtle. Less is more. Don?t overdo it on the cologne front. It can be really off-putting. With a good cologne you should only need a few drops behind the ear and one or two on your wrists. Don?t bathe in it.

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