The Super Secret Technique That’ll Get You Laid

The super secret weapon I keep chirping about is … wait for it … keep waiting … are you ready?


Show those pearly whites

Fo realz, I pull so many girls just because I smile at them. Even when I?m walking to work every morning I see around 5 or 6 girls as we make eye?contact?I give them a little smile and more often than not they smile back.

This is where we are different than your average dude on the street. When a girl smiles at us, we fucking approach her, just go over and have a chat. I mean she smiled at you right? That must mean that she wants your schnitzel. Get over there and give it to her.

My rule is that if a girl smiles at me I approach, it doesn?t matter what she looks like, I just go and talk to her. This helps you be more sociable and is a little bit of encouragement to approach. I have seen too many guys around here lately talking about how they only talk to really hot girls. Well, this is fucking shtooopid. Ugly girls are a great resource for getting pooter. They tend to have hot friends, and guess what the hippocrocapig says about you when you?re not there? You?re really cool, you came up to her on the street, fearlessly, talked to her in a non threatening, cheeky yet sexual way and you are the best thing since somebody invented masturbation. Hot girl is then intrigued by this amazing mystery man and wants to shiz your niz.

You, can?t argue with that logic haha.

Ways to use the smile

There is no point in having a secret weapon if you don?t cock it back and let somebody have it. So lets talk tactics here.

The fuck-me smile

This is my favorite type of smile. It communicates that it?s going down and if it is deployed in the right way can tip a girl over the edge of going home with you. This is simple, all you need to do is smile at her for no reason. I don?t mean some big cheesy grin here, just a sly side of the mouth smile. If you do this at a silent point or when she is talking about something pointless, she will do one of two things: stop and smile back or ask you what you?re smiling at. If she smiles back, this is where you kiss her.

Cheeky smile

My most-used weapon. I learned it from a film called Alfie. Jude Law does this smile and I immediately noticed the power of it because I was watching it with a girl, when she saw it she literally melted, like she actually got turned on. I was 17 at the time and I fucked her that night. This one is GOLD!

Getting away with murder smile

This one is a little more different. It doesn?t so much help you with initial attraction although in a round about way, the shit it lets you get away with boosts attraction. Now, for as long as I can remember I have been known as the cheeky guy who gets away with stuff. One time when I was in New York this dude came up to me and told me he hated me. I was like, what the fuck? Then he told me that he hears the way I talk to women and when he does it they get angry. This guy was referring to how much I swear at women and how sexual I talk to them. The reason I get away with this stuff is because I smile when I am doing it, this type of smile is a natural thing and it looks like if you re trying not to laugh. You know when you really find something funny but it?s inappropriate to laugh due to the situation? Yeah it?s that.

Cock back your weapons and let some of these girls have it, I promise you, you will not regret it.


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