When She Changes Her Mind After Getting To Your Place

Don?t count your chickens before they hatch and hold up on the mental high-fives – there is still time for her to say no once she steps inside. Here?s how to avert this happening and deal with it on the occasion it does.

She doesn?t want to seem easy

Perhaps the most common reason why a woman will say no at the last minute is because she doesn?t want to seem like a slut (because pursuing your own pleasure is a bad thing, apparently). The problem is that you don?t know if she has actually changed her mind, or is just pretending to, so it?s best not to try and coerce her too forcefully.

Handle the situation by feigning a loss of interest, which takes away the pressure to have sex and means that she will be more likely to initiate it. You can do this the nice way or the mean way. Be a hospitable host by entertaining her, like showing her your pets or giving her food. Or if you?re ballsy, treat her with complete disinterest and entertain yourself by, say, checking your emails until she begs for your attention.

She doesn?t feel comfortable

Once alone at your house, she may suddenly feel trapped, particularly if she?s had past bad experiences. The best tactic if she seems uncomfortable is to be as friendly and reassuring as possible, without being creepy. Try to make her laugh and have fun outside the bedroom first to diffuse her apprehensiveness.

Wuh oh ...

It is also possible that she feels uncomfortable because she doesn?t like your house. If it is noticeably dirty, she won?t want to get it on. This is particularly relevant to the bedroom, if your sheets are kind of crusty and you have empty condom packets lying around. She will be suspicious about catching something or grossed out by the thought of endless women being on those unwashed sheets. This can only be avoided by having a presentable home, or keeping her in the clean part of your house.

She?s sobered up and realized you?re ugly

In the low light of the club, her vision tinged with alcohol, she may have confused you for an Orlando Bloom lookalike. Under the harsh light of your pad and with an extra hour of metabolizing alcohol, she realizes her mistake. If she seemed really keen earlier but switched off once she saw you properly, you can be sure that this is the case.

It is then your task to start over: charm her to the best of your abilities so she looks past your appearance and is driven wild by your flirtatious personality. In future, avoid this occurring by limiting light levels. If you have a dimmer switch, make sure the lighting is set to low before you leave for the night, so it is exactly right when you come back with a lady in tow. If you don?t have a dimmer switch, get one or obtain some dim lamps to use for lighting instead.

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