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A Massive Tutorial on Flirting, Part 2

Specific Techniques To Pull Off The Flirting

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I know that “flirting” sounds really easy to do. But if you look at the number of guys who get thrown into the friends zone or end up pissing off the girl they are attempting to flirt with you might realize it’s a bit harder than you might have though. So I have taken the liberty to outline four flirtatious things that I do myself to get super sexy results. Using each one will get you some progress, but to really get her insanely attracted to you, you have to apply ALL OF THEM.

1. Create an atmosphere or theme:

Don’t you think it’s so strange that sometimes you can hide your actions behind an event or something and claim that what you did was not your own fault, so you can get away with it?

Get her home …

Take for example, most girls dress up like total porn stars during Halloween (that’s why it’s AWESOME) but then can pretend that they really don’t like to dress up that way and they are just doing it because “it’s Halloween.” The excuse of dressing up for an event kind of gives them an alibi as to why they are dressing up like total whores.

But did you know this also works for you during your flirting interaction. Except you don’t need to wait for Halloween to do it.

All you really need to do is create a theme during your interaction and make her play along with it. Chances are, if she likes you remotely, she’ll be happy to play along, so long your delivery is correct.

Here’s an example:

“Oh wow, since you’re kind of helpful, how about this. I am looking for Personal Assistants, so you can get the job for a week. During this trial you’re going to bring my coffee and get me things whenever I need, just make sure you don’t do anything naughty that will get you fired ok?”

Then after that you just referred to her as your personal assistant you will start a funny and interesting dynamic between the two of you. This will make it seem as if you’re both together on an inside joke and will make her feel as if she knows you much more than other people.

2. Reversing the roles:

Don’t you just hate it when hot girls get all the attention and take away all your game because they KNOW that they have some sort of sexual mastery over you? Not only does this destroy your own game, but you then have no idea what to do next?

That totally sucks right. Well, guess what?

I’m going to teach you a super cool technique that allows you to turn the tables on the girl that you’re seducing whilst being magically playful and funny at the same time – even if you suck at telling jokes. All you need to do is reverse the roles and make her to be the pursuer.

If you switch around the roles from being the one that is chasing her, to accusing her (yes, I did say accusing her) of trying to get in your pants, it’s going to be:

a. insanely funny for you

b. a different experience for her

Most girls don’t actively make it known that she likes a man that she’s pursuing and chances are the girls that you are seducing will not make it obvious. So what you want to do is say hilariously stupid things that imply that you’re hitting on her, but makes her SOUND like she’s hitting on you.

Saying things like “hey, are you flirting with me?” or “stop trying to get into my pants, I’m not a piece of meat you know” really sets up a funny dynamic.

She’ll be almost 100% on the defensive saying that she’s not hitting on you, then all you have to do is say things like “look, I know you are, stop denying it… I can see you undressing me with your eyes already you pervert!”.

Not only do you take away her ammunition as being the sexually pursued, you turn the tables around and then make you the one in demand and hit on her at the same time – whilst being funny and humorous! Dude this is awesome!

3. Plausible deniability:

What you want to do is talk about sex and bring up the topic of sex, but then accuse her of being the one that’s mentioning sex and trying to get you into bed. This is funny and sneaky and always works like a charm and fits into the role reversal theme I mentioned above. How do you do this?

a. hint to her something sexual but make sure your words can be taken in a sexual or non sexual way

b. wait for her to respond, if she doesn’t take up the sexual hint, keep repeating this a few times

c. if she does respond, then accuse her of trying to bring up the topic of sex and corrupting you

Here’s a working example:

“Girl, stop it! You’re in my mind doing naughty things.”

As you can see  “naughty things” can be interpreted as being sexual or non-sexual. All you have to do is wait for her to respond in a remotely sexual manner and say:

“Stop it ok! Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m not that easy you know, I meant you’re doing naughty things as in you’re swearing at me… not that sexual stuff you’re thinking.”

Once you’ve done this, guess what? You’ve laid the foundation for you to openly talk about sex, because you can accuse her of bringing up the topic!

4. >Pretend you have bad hearing and interpret any compliment she makes to be about you:

This is my personal favorite because I do this nearly all the time. This is easy to pull off and funny as well. Try this:

Her: “Did you see her hair? I love it!”
You: “Thanks, but most people say my face is cuter”

What you do here is tell her that you’re supremely confident and purposely making yourself the center of attention. She’ll almost be guaranteed to try and put you down and you can keep on misinterpreting her comments to be positive about you and it will be funny.  READ MORE

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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