What She Thinks of Your Facebook Page

Asking for phone numbers is so pass?- adding someone on Facebook is where it?s at. While it may seem cowardly to add a woman on Facebook rather than asking for her number, there are the advantages of being able to look at her photos, and you then have a way of contacting her to ask her for her number. But beware- you have to make sure your profile leaves a good impression on her.

Generate social proof

Be careful with the Facebook

As the name suggests, social networking is the perfect place to create social proof. To this end, make sure that your online profile doesn?t look deserted. If everything you post receives a smattering of likes and comments, she will look at your profile and discover that other people find you interesting.

You?ve probably heard that surrounding yourself with beautiful women will generate interest from other women- they?ll assume some aspect of you is attracting that attention, and want to find out what it is for themselves. Apply the same principle to your profile pictures by including photos of yourself with good looking ladies. Be careful not to go overboard though, by having a healthy mix of photos of you with attractive women as well as other photos- as long as these photos aren?t shots of you flexing in the mirror. You don?t want to look narcissistic, even if you secretly are.

Be selective with what you post

While you should be yourself in your online profile, you don?t have to keep your online friends updated on every single tiny of your life. While not everything you post has to be clever or witty, make sure to banish boring status updates. There are two reasons for this: firstly, boring posts erode your social proof as they won?t receive much attention. Secondly, they are boring, which alone is reason enough to refrain from posting them. Also, keep any angry outbursts or sad moments off your Facebook- she will see you as attention seeking and unstable, when you want to appear self-assured and independent.

The classic Facebook mistakes to avoid

Even if she is an underwear model whose profile pictures double as a portfolio, don?t make the mistake of liking all of her pictures. Not only will doing so make you look desperate, but it will also mean you?re doing the exact same thing as every other male who visits her profile. To successfully woo her, online or otherwise, you want to be set apart from the rest. If you really want to show appreciation for her looks, like or comment on one of her pictures that doesn?t show her body. This will encourage her think you?re not just another creep who wants to have sex with her, even though you probably are.

The most important Facebook mistake you should never do is have your relationship status set to ?in a relationship? if you?re trying to impress her online. Even if you are actually in a relationship and are trying to pick up regardless, you should never make yourself seem out-of-bounds. While not being able to have something tends to make it more attractive, there are few women who wouldn?t be deterred by seeing you are unavailable. Even worse is setting your relationship status to ?it?s complicated?- this just signals to her that you are carrying emotional baggage. Your only choices are to advertise your single state, or try to seem a bit mysterious by not publicly displaying your relationship status.


Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

Do girls leave you confused as to whether or not they like you?

Let's face it. Girl's don't make it easy for you. She will often send mixed signals leaving you unable to tell if she is being friendly or flirty. If you read her signals wrong you risk rejection and embarrassment. Or worse, you blow it with a girl who wanted to kiss you.

Here is a simple and innocent move that will instantly tell you if you're in the friend zone, or if she's waiting for you to kiss her.

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