Men’s Wallet Basics

You don?t need to count the cash in a man?s wallet to see how successful he is. The appearance of the wallet itself betrays much about its owner. Make sure yours gives the desired impression by following these tips.

Go for leather

Dump it if it's not working

There is only one choice when it comes to wallets: leather. The smell and sensation of a soft leather wallet screams luxury, and shows that its owner has good taste.The disadvantage of leather is that it dries out over time, but this can be avoided with regular application of leather conditioner.

A plastic or fabric wallet, while affordable and available at any discount department store, does not have the same prestige as a leather wallet. They also tend to fall apart after a few months. If you must purchase a cheap wallet, seek out a basic black one that does not smell like plastic. You won?t impress anyone with your Wal-Mart wallet, but at least they won?t particularly notice it.

Choosing the designer

You don?t need to splurge hundreds of dollars on a top designer wallet, but going for a low-end designer at least will guarantee quality. Worry about the features of the wallet first, and the brand name second. Keep in mind that a quality wallet, which is well taken care of, will last for years and is therefore a good investment. However, if you?re a flashy kind of guy, then an eminent designer wallet will suit your style and draw admiration from others. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Coach are a few of the best names in wallets. If you?re buying online, make sure you?re well acquainted with the brand you?re after because it is easy to unknowingly purchase a cheaply made knock-off.

Ditch the damaged wallet

You could have the most exquisite Italian leather wallet, but once hanging around your back pocket for the last ten years has turned it saggy and torn, it?s time to say goodbye to it. A wallet that has seen better days likewise gives the impression that its owner has seen better days. Shoe repair shops can prolong your wallet?s life when it comes to fixing issues like the stitching coming undone, but when your wallet is damaged beyond repair, don?t keep hanging on to it and replace it straight away.

How many wallets does one man need?

If you?re willing to spend the money, it is worth getting a few different wallets, since one wallet just doesn?t cover every aspect of your life. You may need a tri-fold wallet with plenty of card space for everyday use, but you don?t need to be weighed down by it when you go out. A small wallet with room for cash, a credit card and ID is all you require for a night out. A cheap but waterproof wallet would do the trick for occasions when it might get damaged, like if you?re going to the beach or when its pouring down rain outside. While you can just get by with one wallet, its best to invest in a few.

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