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Graphic T-Shirt DOs and DON’Ts

The graphic T-shirt is an easy and youthful option for your top half. They typically have geometric prints, which are interesting to look at, without being too distracting. You can throw on a versatile graphic T-shirt with any kind of pants depending on the look you?re going for, and you?d be hard-pressed to find an uncomfortable T-shirt. There is little wonder graphic T-shirts are such a popular choice, but there are a few things that can go wrong. Here are some pointers to get your look right when wearing a graphic top.

Do: wear a V-neck

Pay close attention to these rules

Deviate from your standard round-neck tees and wear a V-neck every now and then. This makes your outfit more mature and gives it a stylish twist. Bigger men will benefit from a V-neck?s slimming effect. The classic choice is a V that shows just your collarbones, but longer Vs can add more interest to your outfit. V-shaped necklines are best paired with simpler prints rather than busy designs.

Don?t: have a naked girl printed on your shirt

The nonsensical prints that are on most graphic T-shirts do not say much about the wearer – they?re just patterns that look cool. But T-shirts with nude girls on the front betray messages that you don?t want to be attached to. If the wearer is attractive, women will think he is an asshole who goes through women like water without a care for anything except their bodies. Particularly insecure women will compare themselves to the hot bodies on the shirt, and when they fall short they will be too self-conscious to want to even talk to the wearer. If the wearer is ugly, women will think he is wearing the T-shirt to try to look like he is a stud, when in reality he would never get near a woman as beautiful as the one on his shirt.

Do: choose bright colors

Graphic T-shirts are quite a bold choice – so don?t shy away from your style by opting for muted colors. If you think you?re a bit too old for neon colors, lighter pastel shades are edgy without being too overbearing, and suit nearly everyone. Those with a good tan will benefit from wearing white or light colors to show it off, whereas if you are pale you should steer away from white.

Don?t: have underarm hair poking out

Visible underarm hair from under a T-shirt is repulsive. The short sleeves should be sufficient to cover your underarm jungle. If not, your underarm hair is too long. Scissors are your friend- clip the offending hairs so your underarm bush looks natural, but doesn?t protrude out from your sleeves.

Do: have subtle branding on the shirt

Having a small logo on your T-shirt is a subtle way of showing you know where to shop. On a graphic T-shirt, the logo should not be a part of a graphic. Rather it should be placed in one of the bottom corners or an outside seam tag, so it is visible without being overbearing. Conversely, you will look like a show-off with your favorite brand prominently emblazoned across your chest.

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