Make The Most Of What You Can Control

When you go out to meet women you have limited control. As you are talking to another human being (hopefully a female ;-)) there are a huge number of variables.

Be in control

Yes you hear a lot about ?frame control?, and that is crucially important. However when talking to another human being there is no way to control everything 100%.

There are things though, that you do have complete control over. These are things that you should definitely work on to give yourself the best chance of success with women.

What Can You Control?

Although talking to women is obviously an important part of meeting women, there are things that you can take care of before you even open your mouth that will help you be successful with women.

If you are able to control these things 100% then you might as well take the time to get them right. I always say that if you don?t take the time to master the things you can control, then you are making your life harder than it needs to be.

Take The Time To Do The Following:


You have complete control over the way you think and feel. It’s your choice whether you go out with a positive mental attitude or whether you go out with a negative attitude.

Being positive is always going to give you the best chance to be successful because it will show in the way you act and talk. Women will be able to pick up on this and will be much more open to talking to you because there is a good chance you are going to be able to make them feel good.

Get your Style Right

Making sure that you have your style right. This can bring many advantages to your ability to meet and attract women.

From giving you more confidence in yourself to giving you better odds of getting laid, taking the time to research, shop and then dress stylishly is something you should definitely do.

You can either get your style done professionally, like my buddy Preston Blain did, or you can take look at a good book on the subject, like ?Seduce With Style?. Either one will give you the knowledge you need to start looking your best and becoming more attractive to women.

Body Language

Body language is key. As you have probably heard before, 90% of communication is non verbal. Therefore you need to make sure you take the time to practice walking and sitting with great body language.

Practice posing in the mirror to make sure your posture is correct. I know this might be weird but if you don?t feel comfortable looking in the mirror you won?t feel comfortable out in the real world. Do the same with sitting down.

Also practice walking around with good body language. Head held high, shoulders back and relaxed, arms down by side, etc. Make sure you are relaxed but still hold yourself high and strong.

Watch other guys in the bars that women respond to. Instead of being jealous of their apparent success, ask yourself what you can learn from them. Notice how they gesture, how they move, how close they sit to the girl, etc. Pay attention to the details and notice what works.

Practice Your Speech

Talk to women in a confident manner and you will come across as a powerful masculine dude. Women find it very easy to pick up on guys who are not very confident. This is obviously a big turn off.

Just like professional speakers, it?s a good idea to practice enunciating. It?s a good idea to work on the quality of your speech, the speed at which you talk, the volume of your voice and the resonance.

Being able to talk clearly and confidently will also make your interactions with women go much smoother.

Final Thought

These are all things that you can control without ever talking to a woman. They can all be sorted before you step out and start trying to attract women.

Therefore make sure you take the time and effort to get them sorted beforehand. Do this and you will already off to a flying start. Then make sure you get out into the real world and put them into action.

Speak soon,
David Black


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