How to Make Loose Jeans Look Good

Relaxed-fit jeans have a bad reputation for being unfashionable, but when worn well, you can make them look stylish.

Do you have the right build?

Wear them right

Not everyone can carry off loose jeans without looking sloppy. If you?re slim, then go back to wearing skinny jeans, as loose jeans are not the cut for you. But stocky guys rejoice, as comfortable, baggy jeans suit and even flatter your shape. Whether your bulk is made from muscle or fat, loose jeans suit you as they don?t cling to the wrong places.

A benefit of baggy jeans is that you wear them, rather than the other way around. Other cuts, particularly flares and skinny jeans, can be too overwhelming a look on some men. Slouched fit jeans look more effortless and natural.

You get what you pay for

As with any garment, it?s worth paying more for a better fit and better quality. You may wonder why you would fork out a hundred dollars for baggy jeans when you can acquire them for a meager ten dollars at Walmart, but one good pair of jeans is far better than ten dodgy pairs. Having said that, you may be lucky with what you find at a discount department store, but try to judge them based on how they look before consulting the price tag. Loose jeans can so easily look sloppy, so it?s safer to buy jeans that come from a brand which is known for its quality.

Generally good brands for relaxed fit jeans include Levi?s, Gap and Lee. LRG is known for their relaxed jeans which fit in well with an urban hip hop look.

Try before you buy

It cannot be emphasized enough: baggy jeans can go wrong so easily. Always try on loose fitting jeans first, preferably from a specialist denim store where shop assistants are on hand to help you out.

What to wear with baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are best left to casual situations. They look good with polo shirts, as the collar draws interest upwards and balances out the heavier bottom half. Your shirt should be fitted but not tight. If you have big arm muscles, the perfect time to show them off is when you?re wearing relaxed fit jeans, as you won?t look unbalanced. Short sleeves are ideal for this purpose- admittedly no sleeves (as in a singlet top) shows off your guns even more, but you?ll then look too stocky. Keeping in with the casual look, wear trainers rather than dress shoes.

The most important accessory to wear with loose jeans is a belt. It?s fine for your jeans to be loose in the leg, but it?s not a good look when the waist is too big. Nobody wants to catch a peek of your underwear as your jeans are slung halfway down your backside, which just looks sloppy. As informal as baggy jeans are, keep the waistband where it should be with a good belt.

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