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How to Wear Bright Colors Without Looking Gay

It?s difficult to always look snappy if your wardrobe is restricted to bland colors. But if you dabble with bright colors, particularly those which can be considered effeminate, people might think you are too flamboyant to be straight. While having a sense of style will help win over the ladies, you have to make sure that they don?t think you swing the other way.

Wear color on your top half

Be like Kanye

Colored pants are quite an eccentric look – play it safe by wearing a brightly colored top. Graphic T-shirts are ideal for this purpose, as they are usually bright but accepted as masculine clothing. If you have upper body muscles to show off, draw attention to them with color.

In setting not quite casual enough for a T-shirt, wear a slightly more sophisticated (but still casual) polo shirt. These are better suited to pastel colors rather than neon shades.

Wear a bright statement piece

If you want to wear color without looking like a rainbow flag, you can try wearing bright accessories. For casual settings if you are wearing sneakers, you could wear colored shoelaces. An eye-catching belt with black or dark blue jean, or sunglasses with colored frames, are other ways of incorporating color without being too out-there. At work, you could don a brightly colored tie. Although be careful, if your boss is conservative you could be nudged out of place for the next promotion because your taste in ties is too flamboyant.

Colors that make you look masculine and stylish

If you?re unsure as to what colors you can get away with wearing whilst still looking straight, there are a few ?safe? colors. Bright blue and red are manly choices that are also attention-grabbing.Nobody would question the Most other colors are fairly neutral and do not suggest either masculinity or femininity. Colors to be careful with are pink and, to a lesser extent, purple.

Can a man wear pink?

It seems everyone and his dog has an opinion on men wearing pink.Some people love pink on men, others can?t stand it- but you?re the one who makes the choice to wear it or not. If you think it suits you, then why not. But you have to commit to your outfit- wear it with confidence and be prepared for situations in which your sexuality is questioned.

In some social circles, men who wear pink tend to get laughed at. But this could be a good thing for you if you would like to wear pink. Because not many other men will wear pink for fear of having their masculinity questioned, you can wear any old pink top and you will be set apart from the pack.

To wear pink in a more masculine fashion, draw attention to your physical strength. If you have big muscles, wear a top that clings to them. If you?re on the skinny side, don chunky jewelry to overcompensate for your lack of bulk.

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