When She Doesn’t Return Your Calls

You?ve put yourself on the line?literally-by giving her a phone call. Her ignoring your call and then neglecting to call back is the worst-case scenario. You can?t always believe the excuse that she was ?just busy?: more often than not, she has her reasons.

Even though you got her number, doesn?t mean she is interested

The waiting is the hardest part

Once you?ve flirted your way into getting her digits, you may think you?re practically in. And for many women, that?s true. But with others, getting a number doesn?t indicate much progress. Women will frequently do silly things like give out their number to men they?re not interested in, just so they don?t seem mean by rejecting him. And while it certainly is even crueller to string you along while they have no intentions of getting with you, it seems like a nicer thing to do at the time. Plus if she is really not interested, giving you her number is an easy way of getting rid of you. So just because you have her number, doesn?t mean she wants you to use it.

I have a female friend who always complains to me about guys bothering her by calling and texting constantly. Not only is she not particularly interested in them, a lot of the time she is downright repulsed. So why does she continue to give out her number? Whenever I question her, she says she doesn?t know.

She doesn?t see giving out her number as a big deal, almost to the point where she doesn?t make the connection that giving out her number will probably result in her being contacted. Every now and then, you will encounter a woman like her, who gives out her number without realising that she is giving the impression she is interested. You can pick these ones out easily- they are the ones who ignore every call and will never return it, and sends short, often one-worded text messages. Occasionally you might get a longer message from her because she feels like being nice, unwittingly leading you on. The best way to deal with her is by playing hard to get with her, and setting yourself apart from the others, so she develops an interest. You have to start from square one again, but if you?re good, you can still get to the finish line.

Take it slower

If she?s avoiding talking to you on the phone and you?re not yet sure why, the first thing you should do is back off a bit. Perhaps she would like to take things slowly and is feeling overwhelmed by your sudden barrage of phone calls. Some people don?t like talking on the phone, particularly if they are shy.? Perhaps she genuinely is busy, and just doesn?t have time to talk to you at the moment. Give her a few days before calling again. You might want to text her instead to gauge if she is keen but doesn?t like talking on the phone, or if she just doesn?t like you. If she is unresponsive to texts, which take so much less time than a call, you know she is not interested.

Is she just playing hard to get?

Just the same as you wouldn?t want to call her an hour after you?ve gotten her number, she will be iffy about answering your call right away. She might be trying to play hard to get and show you that she doesn?t need you, in order to seem more desirable. She may even ignore your call twice just to prove that she is in no way desperate. But it is only courteous if she later returns the call. If she is flirty when you finally do get the chance to chat to her, then she is playing hard to get.

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