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Top Five Movies of Samantha Morton

I really think Samantha Morton may be close to my ideal actress. But, only close, as she still doesn?t reach the perfect five movies. Three of her movies are awesome and two are pretty good leaving her just short of ?ideal.? Truthfully, I?m not sure if there is an ideal actress that would have five awesome movies, but believe you me, I?ll keep searching until I find that actress. I will keep watching movies and I?ll keep looking at sexy pictures, until that actress makes herself known to my senses.

The lovely Samantha Morton

In the meantime, let?s get down to brass Samantha. Not meaning she?s made of brass and cold like a metal, but get to talking about her and her films. I want to put ?Morvern Callar? on this list, especially after reading the tag lines from the IMDB page and from the 78 the movie got on Metacritic. Here are both of them: ?An aimless supermarket clerk (Morton) in a small Scottish town gets a new lease on life upon discovering her boyfriend dead under their Christmas tree,? and ?Following her boyfriend’s suicide, supermarket clerk Morvern Callar passes off his unpublished novel as her own…? I can?t list it though, because doing any more research or thought on it would spoil the surprise once I actually get to watch it. Kind of like Samantha?s upcoming “John Carter” that may be the first worthwhile movie of the year, but it could just be this year?s ?Sucker Punch.?Until I find that out, I?ll just hang out with these five movies.

5. In America

Not exactly a happy movie, but very well acted by Samantha, Paddy Considine and Djimon Hounsou. (Samantha and Hounsou were nominated for Academy Awards.) Why do I say it isn?t happy? Let?s play adjective association with three of the subjects of the movie: brain tumor, AIDS, unemployment. Unhappy may be quite the understatement.

4. Minority Report

I generally have a problem with the movies of Steven Spielberg because the endings are just a little too tidy for my tastes. I had that same problem with this movie, but man, this adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story really was fun for the first 80% of the movie. At least. Maybe 85%.

3. Jesus? Son

I remember when I left the theater I was full of loving emotions for this film. I still have those, even though I can?t tell you a single thing about it. I know I saw it when I lived in Aspen. I know people made fun of Billy Crudup?s character in the movie. I know Samantha looked hot. Isn?t that enough?

2. Sweet and Lowdown

With all of the excitement over ?The Artist? I have to point out the amazing job Samantha did with her character that never speaks a word in a movie that uses sound. (She received a well-deserved Academy Award nomination for her performance.) Silence can be an amazing tool when it is used correctly. Why not make it a silent movie? Well, then you wouldn?t get introduced to the jazz guitar stylings of?Django Reinhardt and Sean Penn?s nuanced goofball performance.

1. Synecdoche, New York

Yes,?yes, you know I like this movie. So, go see it already.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Samantha Morton top five?

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