Choosing Shoes for Your Suit

A sure-fire way to ruin the look of an elegant suit is to pair it with the wrong shoes. Dress shoes can be tricky to choose, setting you apart all the more if you select the right ones.

Your shoes are more important than your suit

Shoes made the man

A good pair of shoes can make a huge difference to how your formal attire is received. The sins of a cheap and nasty suit can almost be overlooked if it is atop a pair of shiny, quality leather shoes. It is worth investing in at least one pair of quality shoes to go with your suits.

You can?t go wrong with black shoes

Dress shoes invariably come in black, brown, tan, burgundy or occasionally white. Black is the safest color, and goes with any suit or occasion. They are also the most formal- the lighter your shoes, the less formal you look. Your shoes should always be darker than your suit and the same color as your belt, making black, brown and burgundy the most versatile options. Brown and burgundy shoes can be work with tan, brown, or green-tinged suits. Tan shoes should be worn with light suits, such as white or pale blue, for a retro look.

If you?re only willing to fork out for one pair of dress shoes, get black leather. Also, unless you want to look like a pimp, steer clear of white shoes.

Leather and laces

Leather shoes are the most popular and most formal, but they?re not the only choice. Suede shoes are also a comfortable and stylish option, but give a more casual look.

For formal situations, you should choose shoes with laces (always horizontal on dress shoes, rather than criss-crossed). Where you are not required to look as formal, such as at work, slip-on dress shoes can be worn.

Shoe shapes

Formal shoes come in a variety of styles- which all look similar to those who don?t know shoes. Oxford dress shoes are the most common, with a round toe, laces, and sometimes with a slight heel. They are a versatile choice that can be work to all kinds of occasions calling for a suit.

Wingtips are another popular choice, featuring a toe-cap that takes the shape of a W when viewed from above. They are often two-tone, with the cap black and the rest of the shoe white or vice versa. They are timelessly stylish, with single color wingtips being an understated way of showing how trendy you are.
Loafers, a lace-less shoe reminiscent of a leather slipper, are another style that can be worn with suits in less formal scenarios.

Tricks to make your dress shoes look better

You need to treat your shoes well for them to last and look good. Leather shoes require special care- as leather dries out and cracks over time, it needs to be moisturised. Clean and polish them regularly, and replace the laces when you need to rather than letting them get frayed. It is worth replacing the sole on a good pair of shoes as it wears down in order to prolong their life.


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