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Rob’s Lost Field Reports: Learning to Go Direct

Haha, I was looking through my old computer and stumbled on a treasure trove of field reports from 2006 to 2008. It was sort of cringe-worth to read myself referring to women as ?HBs? and descrbing the outrageous outfits I?d wear out.

Yet, at the same time, I wanted to share one of those reports, as it?s not only unintentionally hilarious, but also shows how I shifted my mindset from ?indirect? to ?direct.? As much as it shames me to share this, here?s a younger and stupider Rob Judge, writing about his ?crazy? nights out?

FR: On the Importance of Being Earnest (DIRECT GAME)

By Judge

Posted on April 2007

I want to detail a few snip its over the past 2 weeks and throw out some new insights I’ve been putting to use with good results.

Going back into the archive

I’ve been experiment with direct game with great results. I was definitely one of these guys afraid to use direct game because it sets you up for an instant blowout. But I realized I was thinking of direct game like, “Hey, you’re beautiful” or “Hey, let’s have sex.” Basically, I interpreted direct game as giving away all your power to validate the girl. HOWEVER, I found a way around it…


Got a seatbelt on?

It’s simple as one word:


The word “cutie” is such a sarcastic compliment that HB10s use on guys, i.e. “Aw, you bought me a drink? You’re such a cutie!”

So here’s the situation: I’m at a Wall Street bar with Zack Bauer (best PUA I?ve seen in NYC) and we’re running sets. Things are going well and I’m dressed pretty outrageously (fur jacket, black vest, black shirt, red tie, and platforms) and spot a HB9.5 waitress.

Keep in mind, this is a classy bar on Wall Street so these waitresses probably get hit on by high value guys ALL THE TIME. I’m feeling super nervous, but tell Zack, “Fuck it, I’m going direct and we’ll see what happens…”

As I’m walking through the venue, I start calming myself down, see her ringing up a check, and…

Judge: (tap, tap, tap)

HB9.5 Waitress: (Turns)

Judge: Hi, my name’s Rob with an R.

HB9.5 Waitress: Okay, how else would you spell Rob-

Judge: Listen, you’re a cutie. I had to come over and say hi. We’re leaving now. But we’re going to hang out –

HB9.5 Waitress: Hang out? Like tonight?

Judge: No, hang out later. We’re getting a cup of coffee. I’m going to take you to this secret place in Manhattan. Family-owned, real hole-in-the-wall. It’s called Starbucks. Put you number in. (Pulls out phone and hands it to her)

HB9.5 Waitress: Okay. My name’s HB9.5 Waitress, by the way.

Judge: Yeah, program that in because I suck at names.

And that was it. Not only that, but this girl has been very responsive on text. But it gets better. So Zack and I roll into this very pretentious Meatpacking club with an entourage of girls (all Zack’s friends from college…most were HB8s) but surprisingly we were crashing and burning! Even though my state was awesome from #-closing HB 9.5 Waitress, my game was just not clicking with these girls (in retrospect, I think half the sets were my fault and half the sets were just not quality girls). ?

So, shaking off 5 or 6 bad sets, Zack and I roll into the “club” part of the place. Zack and I spot this ridiculously hot chick across the venue surrounded by guys. Zack, who has balls of steel, warned me not to go direct because I might get beat up. But, since I’ve been actively trying to push my comfort zone, I took a fuck it attitude and started making my way across the venue, calming myself down (like I did with HB9.5 Waitress), roll up, walk in front of one of the guys.

Judge: (Grabs HB10 Australia’s arm) You’re such a fucking cutie, I had to come over and say hi. My name’s Rob with a R.

HB10 Australia: (Shocked)

Judge: Seriously, stop being so cute. It’s so distracting. But wait, you’re pretty strong. You been working out? I’m going to make you my new bodyguard…

HB10 Australia: I’m from Australia.

Judge: Haha, no way! Where’s your kangaroo?? Did you pack one in your suitcase?? All I know about Australia is you guys drink Fosters and have kangaroos. So, you’re going to have to take me back with you and give me a tour of Australia. Sooo where are you going to take me?

HB10 Australia: Hahahahaha, you’re soooo funny!

Boom, set hooked. See how stupidly easy this is? The shit I say doesn’t make much sense nor is it very funny but girls always CRACK up. In fact, that’s thing the NYC Community guys constantly ask me: “How do you get girls laughing so quickly and pump BT [buying temperature] off the opener?” (Keep in mind, these guys were doing strictly opinion openers before I got them started on Judge-style instant BT spikers).

It’s not even that the shit I’m saying is really funny or witty. I just see something and make an observation in a calm way like I’m…well…the judge of what’s cool or interesting. For example, Zack wanted to open some hot Asian girl who was dancing like lunatic and asked me for a good opener. Here’s what I told him to do (which hooked amazingly):

Bauer: (Grabs HB Crazy Asian Dancer’s hand) Hey! Easy there Dance Dance Revolution!

HB Crazy Asian Dancer: Ahahahahahaha…I LOVE that game!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!

This shit is SO fucking easy. This is why I can go direct now. I can set the frame right off the bat that I’m interested by telling a girl she’s a “cutie” then stacking forward with a “funny observation”. For example, with those newbs, I was sarging this VERY cute chick and opened her group (huge mixed set) with:

Judge: Hey, where’s the free food.

Group: ?

Judge: (Points to HB Cutie) You! If you had a barbeque without me, we are SO broken up. You’re gonna come home tonight and find your shit on the curb Missy!

Guys get so caught up on being logical or having the “ultimate funny line” but it’s not about that. It’s more important to have a strong frame, good BL, strong voice projection and eye contract, and be unwaveringly confident. Whenever I wreck this approach, it’s because I flinch or waver. (The reason this happens is I telegraph I’m reaction seeking.)

Anyway, Achilles wrote a FR about a 3-set of chicks I pulled last week. This set was hilarious because even I was surprised I was able to get such quick compliance from these chicks. They were standing on a street corner (I think trying to hail a cab) and I just walked up to them and opened with:

Judge: (Leaves car) HIGH FIVES!!!!!!!! (Starts high fiving the whole set)

Set: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

(2 minutes later)

Judge: You guys are my new chick crew. Get in the car, we’re going downtown.

Set: Okay!!!!!

This shit was absurd. I could’ve been a serial killer and these chicks would’ve been dead. Ah, the power of attraction. Moving on, Dave the Natural took a hilarious in-field picture of me with a HB8 I was gaming (D2 to come this week)?

Judge: (Takes her pink cell phone) Here’s my number. But wait…are you flaky Missy? (Puts finger hilariously on nose) I don’t deal with flaky women…so no flakiness, got it?

So far, no flakiness. She got it.

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