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How to Dress Masculinely

There?s more to dressing masculinely than just wearing grimy work boots and cultivating the dirt under your fingernails. In fact, it involves neither of those things.

Go for the desirable aspects of manliness

Clothes make the man

Women may profess they love ?manly men?, but they don?t want the gross aspects of it. The idea is to look like you haven?t made an effort, despite looking good. You can channel a rugged look and maintain cleanliness at the same time. If you want a messy hairdo, you might need a small amount of gel to achieve exactly the right look. Even if you are wearing loose, casual clothing, make sure it is in good condition with no holes and no buttons missing. Use cologne to achieve a masculine smell (sweat just doesn?t do it for most women). And above all, clean under your fingernails and keep them reasonably short!

Your accessory is your facial hair

What better way to show your abundance of testosterone than by cultivating thick stubble? Keep it trimmed short and even so you show a neat version of manliness, rather than seeming unkempt. Your facial hair adds interest to your style- it?s like an accessory which goes with every outfit. It looks best if your beard is dark, as light hair is associated with children so a fair beard might make you look like a young teen sprouting his first facial hair.

Masculine style is characterised by appearing like you have not made an effort- so you can?t be too heavy on accessories such as belts, watches and necklaces. Any jewelry you do wear should be heavy and bold.

The power of a leather jacket

You?ll look and feel like the quintessential bad boy in a leather jacket. It should be hip-length, and fitted so that you have a little room to move inside it without it looking baggy. Go for a black jacket rather than brown, at risk of looking like an out-of-touch professor. A leather jacket looks best paired with blue or grey jeans. Avoid the angsty punk look by selecting a jacket with lapels and a collar.

Make friends with dark colors

Dark colors are imposing and masculine- just the impression you want to give. This doesn?t have to be boring- burgundy, dark green and dark blue are all robust colors. However, you don?t want your entire outfit to be dark or you?ll look boring. If you want to wear a brighter color, try red.

Above all, go for the right fit

The easiest way to convey a masculine look is to get clothes that are the right fit. You may have noticed baggy clothes look lazy, while tight clothes are very metrosexual. A masculine look is somewhere in between- you want clothes that are the same shape as you so as to show off your physique, but you don?t want them to cling too tightly or you will look like you?re trying to show off. Your clothes should have a small amount of extra room, but not so much that you can?t discern your shape underneath.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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