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How to Wear Rust this Spring

Earthy, natural colors are huge at the moment, and rust has emerged as the season?s centrepiece. Having recently appeared on runways, the trendiest color for spring can now be found on all garments and accessories from jeans to shoes to wallets. Follow these pointers to look fashionable rather than daggy when you adopt this season?s biggest trend.

Use it sparingly

The importance of rust

Being such a bold color, rust is best worn on one garment at a time. If you even try to pair, say, a rust-colored jumped with matching shoes, it will be too much. Pick one item per outfit to wear in this season?s main color.

Bottom half is best

Plain rust colored pants or jeans are the most versatile piece to own. Go for bottoms as simple as possible, with minimal visible pockets and detailing, and pair them with a patterned or textured top. This way rust is not the focal point of your outfit; you can also use your top half to wear another look. If you did it upside down, with a rust top and patterned pants, you would look conspicuously flamboyant.

Colors to match it with

Blue, particularly vibrant shades, is also at the height of fashion at the moment. Although pairing bright blue with rust, its complementary color, can be a cringe-worthy combination, this season it looks trendy. Quirky combinations such as rust-colored pants with bright blue sandshoes, or rust shoes with blue laces, are the winning look at the moment. Otherwise, you could wear a rust colored top with blue jeans.

For a less bold look, this season?s other big colors- navy, brown, deep orange and tan- all go together nicely with rust. When you?re not sure if a color matches rust, think about the outdoor world. If you can?t picture your color of choice being found in nature, then it probably doesn?t go together.

Gold jewelry is preferable to silver if you want to accessorise, as warm colors tend to match rust.

Should you wear rust?

As with any fashion, you should only adopt it if it suits you. Men?s fashion at the moment suits all ages- you don?t have to worry about being too old or young to carry off rust-colored clothing. It depends more in skin tone. If your skin is quite pale and pinkish, rust is not for you. On the other hand, it flatters tan or yellow skin tones. If you have ginger hair, rust is strangely flattering.

When it?s no longer inte-rust-ing

Like any trend which suddenly becomes big, wearing rust will soon be a fashion faux pas. Adopt the fashion while it?s new, but move on by next season. It doesn?t matter how much you paid for your rust colored jeans; you?re only going to get a few months out of them.

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