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Stylish Sleepwear

It may be more comfortable to sleep in your birthday suit, but if you have guests staying over or it?s too cold, you have to resort to wearing pajamas. While it?s not hard to look snappy when you sleep, you won?t impress anyone by recycling a worn out pair of track-pants into pajama bottoms.

Comfort is Key

Zzzzzz ...

There?s no sense in wearing something you can?t sleep in to bed. Always go for comfort when selecting PJs, because as you try to fall asleep you?ll notice every irritating seam all the more. Nobody will judge you for weighing the scales in favour of comfort rather than style.

One hundred percent cotton is the way to go with sleepwear, as it is a soft and comfortable fabric that breathes. While silk robes and shorts are considered a more luxurious option, the material is not as well suited for sleeping purposes.

Keep it Casual

You?re not expected to dress formally in your sleep. A matching top and bottom pajama set is like the two-piece suit of bedtime. Matching sets are also worn by small boys, and old men. Certainly not the most attractive of looks, not to mention you need to be able to find both top and bottom- mismatched prints look even worse. Unless you intend to look daggy, steer clear of matching pajama sets.

Wear robes sparingly and especially don?t pair a red robe with slippers. Hugh Hefner may be an interesting character, but he is also not someone that you?d want to draw any physical comparisons with.

The Winning PJ Look

Try pajama bottoms paired with a casual T-shirt for comfortable and stylish sleep.

The T-shirt should be plain, preferably cotton, and loose without being baggy. You don?t need it to perfectly match your pajama bottoms, but the colors shouldn?t clash. For example, you might want to wear a dark blue tee with blue, green and white striped pants or shorts.

Wear pajama pants that are distinctively sleepwear,? as it shows that you are not in the habit of trying to recycle old clothes to sleep in. During winter, printed pajama pants show your fun side, with vertical stripes being a stylish twist. In the warmer months, a pair of loose boxers will do.

If you?re trying to impress a certain someone who will be around at bedtime with your physique, skip the T-shirt altogether. Do wear bottoms though, so as to preserve some mystery.

As with all garments, replace your pajamas once they are starting to look worn. If they have a hole, no matter how convenient the location, it?s time to bin them. Pajamas do tend to have a short lifespan. You wear each pair more often than you wear other garments during the day, as you don?t have as many pairs to cycle through as you would in your daywear wardrobe. Wearing worn pajamas looks sloppy- certainly not the style you want.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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