5 Questions About “Day Game” with Andy Yosha

The Day Game Blueprint Expalined

I had a chance to interview the creator of Day Game Blueprint, Andy Yosha, and he shared some strategies for daygame.

1. What makes day game such a great way to meet women?

“No woman wakes up saying, ‘God, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today!'” – Hitch (played by Will Smith).

The biggest selling book genre in the world is romantic fiction. And it’s not guys buying those books. And in how many of these books do you suppose the girl’s love interest is a guy she met while drunk on the dancefloor in a nightclub?

If you were to delve into the world of romantic novels, you’ll see that women secretly fantasise about meeting that special guy during the day – when they’re going about their every day routine. Bumping into that guy in Starbucks, reaching for the same book in the bookstore, holding the door open for her at the mall. Every girl dreams of meeting the man of her dreams when she least suspects it.

And that’s where you come in.

Because you ARE that amazing guy that she dreams about meeting.

The only problem is that you just don’t have the skills yet to actually span the gap that exists between yourself and a complete stranger on the street. But it is just a skill. It’s just knowledge. And knowledge can be learnt.

2. What are a few of the big mistakes guys make during the day?

The biggest mistake guys make during the day is acting like pussies. And by pussies, I mean they try as hard as they can to come across as “nice”. They think that they are doing the rudest thing possible by approaching a girl on the street, so feel the need to counteract that by acting as “polite” and “nice” as they can. The result? They come across as weak, needy, low value guys that the girls dismiss immediately.

People respond to VALUE, and if you approach somebody with low value, they won’t be interested in talking to you.

The truth is that you aren’t bothering girls by approaching them during the day. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Guys assume you’re being rude because you think “no-one likes being bothered during the day” – but you’re confusing how people react to charity people, salesmen etc – NOT someone genuinely approaching because they like you, and want to meet you.

After teaching 1000s of students, this isn’t just an ‘idea’ we think makes sense. This is fact. This is how girls react to us, and our students, when the approach is done correctly.

And the way to approach correctly is still to be nice, polite etc – but to approach with ZERO apology. You have to approach with confidence, and with authority. You have to approach with HIGH value. Like a policeman, or the CEO of a company.

Approach like this, and women will stop for you 100% of the time.

==>Video reveals 3 strategies to make Day Game easier

3. What “aha” did you have that made day game easier?

Realising that “less is more”. After doing daygame for a long time, you slowly feel like you need to do less and less in the interaction. And the less I did, the more the girl did. And the more she did, the better the interactions went. I realised that the best interactions were the ones where I invested just enough to move the interaction forward, and no more, because that gave space for her to invest in the interaction – and it was this investment from her that made her value the interaction and want to get back to me when I called or text her.

4. What is what tip you’d recommend guys try out today?

I know opening girls on the street during the day is scary when you first start. I remember the first time I went out onto the streets with the aim of opening as many girls as possible. After 4 hours walking around the busiest street in London, I hadn’t talked to a single person.

There’s no alcohol here to give you the boost of confidence you might rely on in bars or nightclubs. You have to do it on your own.

So know this, the best tip I could give guys would be to start small. Big things are achieved in baby steps.

Rather than trying to “pick up a girl” when you open her, try starting off by just asking for directions. This is the worst thing you can do if you want to start a conversation and get a date, but it’s great to get over the fear of talking to strangers, especially very good looking ones. Once you become comfortable doing that, try stopping a girl and just giving her a compliment about something she’s wearing. Keep trying that until it doesn’t seem as scary. Then try opening with a compliment, and then transitioning into a conversation by making some statements about her – maybe guess what she does for a living, or guess where she’s from etc.

Give it a try – you might be surprised how receptive girls will be if you open with high value, a great smile and an authentic compliment.

5. Tell us a little bit about the Day Game Blueprint

The Daygame Blueprint is a sequencial framework created by myself and our executive instructor Yad here at Daygame.com. Yad was the guy who originally took me under his wing and inspired me to go out and dedicate my life to learning Daygame. After 1000s of approaches, teaching 100s of guys 1on1, and analysing 1000s of their approaches, we created the world’s most stupidly detailed model of a daytime approach and seduction, from open, to close.

In May 2011 we held a three day event where we revealed the entire Daygame Blueprint system, and filmed the entire event in HD. The event included tons of infield videos of Yad broken down and explained live, live demonstrations with women on stage, and even infield video footage of students learning the Daygame Blueprint system. Everyone who attended reported back that the event had been completely life changing, and since releasing it as an online product we have been inundated with stories from guys telling us how they’ve applied the teaching and have met the girl of their dreams.

If you’ve ever wanted the ability to meet and attract that beautiful girl you’ve walked past in the high street, look no further than the Daygame Blueprint!

==>Video reveals 3 strategies to make Day Game easier

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