When She Thinks You’re Not Funny

Being funny is crucial when trying to impress the opposite sex – possibly even more important than all your other attributes combined. It?s one of the key traits women look for when searching for a partner, but it?s also useful when trying to set up casual flings.

Sense of humor mismatch

How to make her laugh

If you enjoy silly jokes and she prefers more subtle humor, then you?re going to have to work really hard at making her laugh. Luckily you have two ways of being funny: you could say something funny, or you can make yourself into the joke. If you say something intended to elicit giggles and it fails, particularly in a large group, poke fun at yourself. Hopefully she will find your making yourself the joke funny, and she?s sure to think it?s cute.

It?s difficult to be critical of your own jokes because of course you think you?re hilarious. But if you notice she?s not laughing at anything you say, try changing your style a little and see if you can tickle her sense of humor. If you?re really unable to make her laugh, you?ll just have to impress her using your arsenal of techniques.

She could just be shy

Shy girls may be too intimidated to laugh along with you at first. If she?s very closed off and not laughing at the parts you would expect a giggle, be gentle. Don?t be too loud or she?ll feel intimidated, and before long she?ll have warmed up to you. Shy girls do have a sense of humor, it?s just buried. Others will think she?s cold and boring and will give up, leaving you with no competition in trying to get with her.

If she?s offended by your humor

Often jokes get their humor from being shocking, and you never know if you?re going to step over the notional line of what?s appropriate when joking with a new person. You won?t know until it?s too late.

So let?s say you?ve really put your foot in it and said something which you thought was cripplingly hilarious, but it?s been met with an icy ?that?s not funny?. There?s not a lot you can say to redeem yourself when you?ve said the wrong thing and she?s giving you the death-stare. The best course of action is to apologise, say you don?t seriously think whatever you?ve said, and move the conversation along. You should wait before the situation has gotten less awkward before any more attempts at humor, because immediately after you?ve offended her she won?t be in any mood to laugh.

Don?t try to convince her that what you said was actually funny. If she?s been offended enough by your joke to make the situation awkward and call you out on it, then she will not be convinced she?s in the wrong. Don?t even try to tell her it?s funny in a joking way- just apologise and move on before you put your foot in it even more.

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