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Dress Yourself Bulkier

Don?t want to look too skinny? It?s easy to wear clothes that make your body look more substantial.

Tricks to look bigger

Slim it down

Choose garments that aren?t too form-fitting and made from a thick material. Wearing clothing which are slightly too big makes it appear like there is a more substantial body under your clothes, and heavy or thick materials such as denim, wool and corduroy add bulk. However, you don?t want to overdo it on the thick garments or you will look overwhelmed by your clothing.

Dressing bigger is a delicate skill. You can?t be too inconsistent – if you?ve managed to visually bulk up your top half, having tiny twig legs will look ridiculous. It helps if you have a bigger top half and thinner legs or vice versa.? Then you can wear a form-fitting garment on your larger half, and apply the trick of having thick fabric to the slimmer part of your body.

Avoid clingy fabrics such as silk and polyester, as these will accentuate your skinniness. A fabric which drapes over the skin is better for concealing parts of your body you?re not happy with.

Add some shoulder pads to a suit jacket so your shoulders look broader- but keep them small or you?ll look like you stepped out of an eighties film clip.

Layering your outfit will add precious bulk to your frame. In winter, you?ll be keeping warm under a heavy jacket and eye-catching scarf.

Don?t drown under your outfit

A little excess material on your clothes is a sneaky way of looking a bit thicker, but there is a point where it looks bad. Wearing size XXLs when you struggle to fill a medium is not a good look – too much material and you look like a little kid playing dress-ups.

Make friends with ?slim-fit?

The tall skinny guy finds it difficult to find clothing, particularly of the formal variety. When you go up a size to accommodate your height, suddenly there are ripples of extra material hanging off you. However, suit stores and casual clothing retailers targeting a youth demographic will usually carry ?slim fit? shirts. These are constructed to be long but not wide.

Tailored clothing

Flatter your body shape by having well-made garments which taper in all the right places. If need be, find a good tailor who will be able to make your clothes fit you well. Particularly for important items like suits, a tailor is a necessity for the skinny man.

Can a skinny man wear skinny jeans?

Of course if you are slim, jeans that were designed with thin people in mind will look good on you. If you are ridiculously weedy, find skinny jeans in a thicker denim. Slim men also tend to look good in straight-cut jeans.

Garments for the thin man to avoid

Not so keen on your twig legs? Then keep your pants on. Thin legs protruding out of shorts looks comical- definitely a look to avoid.

Tank tops are another risky item of clothing, no matter what your body is like. If you?re too skinny, then a tank top will only accentuate your unimposing frame. Leave that look to the bigger guys.

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