The GDI’s Guide To Hooking Up on Campus

I want to start this article by reminding everyone that this is a GDI?s guide for all the GDIs out there. I?ve got nothing against frats, I was a GDI in College and it worked well for me, that being said, if you?re a GDI you?ll find this one to be very useful.

Also, all of you that are still in college, you are the luckiest dudes alive!

Hooking up on campus it?s one of the easiest things you?ll even encounter in your life. To put it simply it?s all about social status. Everything else is pointless.

Sure? if you have game, it?s easier but, it really comes down to making yourself the man on campus and once you?ve done it, the girls just come to you.

How does it work?

You need to focus on social networking within your college and create a very WIDE circle of friends. When you?ve sorted this part out, you should be hitting college parties almost every night and, have more than 1 option to choose from each weekend night.

Forget about the bars and clubs, house parties is where all the action is. Just think about it, the beds are upstairs… what can be better than that?

Here?s what you need to do

Easier than you’d think

Step 1.?Frequent college parties. If you don?t know about any just ask your friends, they must know about some or even better, check on Facebook!

Step 2.?Talk to EVERYBODY! Something like this should be really easy because you?re all going to the same school. Naturally you must know somebody at the party or you?ve at least seen their faces around.

Step 3.?Try to get laid with the hot girls and make good friends with the ugly girls and guys. Make your social circle as big as you can.

Step 4.?If you get some sort of attraction with a girl, move fast! Don?t be afraid to touch her, make out with her etc. College girls at parties are usually drunk, inexperienced, stressed out and most of them are already looking to hook up. Use this to your advantage.

Step 5.?Do the same with all your new friends. Over and over and over again!

If you do this on a regular basis, by the end of the semester, you?ll be at parties where you already know a third or even half of the people there. Since social proof is all you need in college, you?ve got it made. In my final year I would go to parties and as soon as I entered through the door I had a couple of girls scream my name. I then kissed them on the check after that I shook hands with 10 or so guys. This sort of social proof is great because all the other girls are sitting there, wondering… who is this guy?

I was once at a party (granted it wasn?t the biggest one ever) and as I walked in, half of the people literally stopped to welcome me (no it wasn?t a 6 people party either) and I immediately got approached by 2 girls. Nights like these are soo easy because these girls are already attracted and if you move fast enough and get them horny, you?ll soon end up upstairs or in the bathroom.

Don?t forget

  • ??????????Around half the parties you will go to, suck. If this is the case, make sure you drink and introduce yourself to the hosts. Talk to them for a while as this will get you invited to future parties (ones that might not suck). Then move on to the next party.
  • ??????????Unless you?re in a fraternity avoid frat and sorority parties at all times. These have a bunch of unspoken social hierarchies and also bad girl:guy ratios.
  • ??????????Avoid huge parties (200+ people). Going for girls at these parties is pretty much pointless. They get approached by sooo many people that it?s impossible to talk to them for more than 30 seconds. Because of the sheer size of such parties making social connections becomes impossible too, as everyone you talk to has already talked to 20 more other people and chances of being remembered are very slim.

Ok so now let me tell you the best thing you can possibly do to get laid in college. Me and my friends did this in our Junior year. It?s by far the best and easiest way to get girls, PERIOD.

Step 1.?Get a good group of guy friends together. Say, 5 or so of you.

Step 2.?Get hold of a decent size apartment. If you don?t have one, make one of your 5, the guy with the apartment. It?s even better if more of you live in the place.

Step 3.?Throw parties EVERY single weekend in that apartment. They will start out small but that?s cool. Have each of you invite a bunch of friends and try inviting random girls from class or from other parties. At first it will suck and you?ll get just 15 people or so, just buy loads of drinks and everyone is going to be happy.

Step 4.?Eventually these core people will come back and will bring their friends. Make sure you always tell everyone to bring all their GIRL friends. Don?t put it on Facebook, this way you?ll just get a bunch of horny dudes. Remember, you and your main 4 friends need to constantly invite any girl you see on campus. Just girls, no guys.

Step 5.?By now things should start to go nuts! Most importantly you now have a party that consistently has more girls than guys. Inevitably guys will start coming but its fine because all the girls you had coming at the beginning now bring their hot friends. The guys will also bringcute girls they met to impress and hook up. These people now know that you throw cool parties every weekend and will come on a regular basis.

Step 6.?When you reach 100+ a night it?s time to cap it and start charging money for people (GUYS) you don?t know.

At this point picking up girls becomes effortless. All 5 of you will get action every weekend. We sometimes had girls leave after 1-2 days after the party ended and man, that was even better.

This is to now too easy because, your social status is absolutely INSANE. Granted, everyone that turns up at your parties will now see you as the as the coolest guy on campus, it can?t get better or easier than that.

Final note:?throwing parties every weekend is a great reason to talk to random girls on campus and since you?re doing it every weekend, you can talk to them ALL THE TIME.

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