The 5 Things You Need To Know to Get Laid at College Parties

Ultimate Party Guide to Getting Laid in College

As of right now, you probably clicked this link to see if I am full of crap. There is no way on earth you could simply learn 5 simple things and get instant results with hot girls on your campus, right? Well I have good news. You?re dead wrong.

Most likely you?ve been lead to believe that to be the most? attractive guy at a party you must have the looks of a Greek god, the charm of Justin Timberlake and be as interesting as the Dos Equis guy. Having those qualities MIGHT help, but I guarantee just by working? a few subtle tweaks into to your ?game? you can get rapid drastic results.

I have worked with and talked with a ton of guys, and what usually gets them the fast results they want with college girls are the small subtle changes in how they socialize with girls. Here are the top 5 things that will give you the most improvement with girls at parties FAST.

Talking to Everyone

The biggest factor in guys not getting play at parties is because they don?t socialize with people they don?t want to have sex with. By simply doing the unthinkable and meeting everyone at the party you will become a social medium for the party. Girls go to parties to be social, if you have are a big social force at the party you will have a lot of value to the girls before you even meet them. You have just instantly solved problem numero uno, getting a girl to want to talk to you.

If you are sitting in a corner or not having a good time, girls simply are not going to be eager to talk to you. However, if they see you having a blast and being the center of groups, there is a good chance she will be very receptive when you finally get to talking about her.

Not Kissing Her Ass

So, you are now talking to a girl. She is also eager to talk to you already since you have a lot of social backing at the party. The worst thing you can do is try to hard to get her to like you.

A huge mistake I see guys make at this point is giving away all their power at the drop of a dime. Nothing says ?I am not cool? more than becoming a girls chew toy within seconds of meeting her. It is okay to be nice, but you don?t need to change who you are or try and come up with things to say to get her to like you. Girls want a guy that is their equal, not a guy whose going to hold her purse and let her walk all over him. Be confident and relax.

Eye Contact and Smiling

Speaking of being confident, having strong eye contact will literally make you reek of confidence. There is no better way to increase sexual tension with a girl that holding very strong eye contact. Most guys I have talked to say they don?t have a problem with this. However, when I challenge them to actively pay attention to their eye contact with people they are shocked when they realize they only hold eye contact for moments at a time. Even if they do manage to hold it longer, they quickly start feeling very awkward because it is such a bold move.

Next time you are talking to girl, see how long you can make deep eye contact before you break it. This will be hard to stop at first because it is you?ve been in the habit of avoiding eye contact for years . This is awful for you because girls make eye contact naturally when they communicate. This is why when you break eye contact with them it says one thing I am “I am not confident” and they lose attraction.

Its extremely important to mix this with smiling. If you simply walk around a party staring chicks down with a blank expression you will become the party creeper very fast. Simply by smiling when you make eye contact with girls will get girls melting.

Get Physical Fast

Its very easy to take this advice the wrong way. I am not telling you to walk around and grope every girl with in seconds of meeting her. What I am talking about is hugging, putting your arm around her when you talk, and light playful touching. Nothing kills a sexual vibe more than standing 10 feet away from a girl and having zero physical chemistry. On top of this, if you wait 15 minutes to hug or touch a girl it is going to be an semi awkward moment.

Picture two scenarios real quick

1. A guy walks up to a girl and greets her. He then open his arms and they hug. This is completely normal and now when he hugs her from now on it will still be normal and even fun. Now its more acceptable for him to do stuff like put his arm around her, hold her hand and when the time is right make a move. He?s not afraid to touch her, and is confident in the way he socializes. This makes him a girl magnet.

2. Another guy walks up to a girl and greets her. Instead of hugging her? he just talks to her for 15 minutes. After those 15 minutes he goes in for a big hug. She might hug him, but it has become a hold your breath moment. Instead of being something casual and normal, its now semi-awkward. Touching was not set as the norm when they started talking, and out of no where he want to be physical now.

See how getting physical fast is a great way build chemistry quickly?!

Knowing When To Pull the Trigger and Taking Risk

This is perhaps the most important tip I can give. Even if you ignore the prior 4 tips, you will occasionally just have gold land in your lap. I literally cannot stress enough how important making a move is. I have seen so many guys miss out on awesome girls simply because they were to afraid to go in for the kiss. Sometimes the difference between hooking up with a girl and never seeing her again is holding her hand or pulling her in close to you if your clicking.

The most important thing to understand is you will miss all the shots you don?t take. In order to get results you are going to have to put your ego at risk sometimes. I have amazing news though. If you also work on the other tips I talked about, your risk will be much, much smaller. If you?re thinking about going for her number or kissing her STOP thinking and just do it.

So there they are, 5 simple ways to drastically improve your ?game? with girls at a college party. I promise if you actively apply these you will get results fast. However, if you ignore these tips and continue to not work on things like eye contact, socializing, and taking risk I also guarantee you will stay frustrated when it come to your dating life. I hope you make a good choice, because sex is kinda cool.

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