When she’s taller than you

If you?re short, you know all too well the troubles that smaller statured men have on the dating scene. Women tend to find tall men attractive, and most wouldn?t give a chance to a man shorter than herself. This can be a huge problem if you?re attracted to tall women yourself- but you don?t have to settle for the short end of the stick. The advice short men are often given is to go for petite women, but there?s another option: making your height a non-issue.

Ignore the height issue

What to do

Of course she is going to notice that she?s taller than you, but it doesn?t have to be a big deal. Avoid drawing attention to your height. One thing that short guys tend to do is suggestively say that they?re ?not short where it counts?. This is sleazy, not even funny and makes the point that you are trying to make up for your height. Your height is a part of you that is not going to change, short of throwing many thousands of dollars at painful and dangerous surgery. Accept it, make peace with it and you?ll find that most women won?t see it as a problem either.

Don?t be Napoleon

As a short man, you can?t act overly aggressive or you will be accused of having a Napoleon
Complex. People will think you?re overcompensating for your height and you?ll be subject to ridicule. Try to get yourself into a mindset where you don?t see your height as insufficient. Be confident, but not over-confident, or it will seem like your cockiness has sprung from an inferiority complex.

You don?t need to grow, and she doesn?t need to shrink

Part of what drew you to her was her height – so you wouldn?t want her to swap her sexy heels for flats and a stooped posture just so she doesn?t tower over you. Likewise, don?t suddenly develop an affinity for platform shoes and top hats. You?ll just draw attention to the height difference, and it will show that you?re not comfortable with your size. You should be proud of being a small man with a strikingly tall woman on his arm.

Some women just have their rules

Tall women often just decide they won?t date anybody shorter than them. You could embody everything else she is looking for in a man, but she?ll refuse to give you the time of the day because she decides you?re the wrong height from her. Don?t bother trying to convince her- it?s a lost cause. You shouldn?t have to persuade her not to look down on you (in a figurative sense), and you won?t be able to convince her anyway. If you really impress her, she?ll end up telling you ?it?s such a shame I don?t date shorter guys, because you?re really sweet/funny/whatever?. She?s made a final decision before you?ve even opened your mouth, so don?t waste your time.

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