The Best Venues for Pulling “Same Night Lays”

Jon Sinn here, and I want to talk to you today about the idea of Same Night Lay venues.

You see NOT all venues are created equal and if you?re going to get serious about getting same night lays, you?re going to need to know what kind of venues you need to go to.

Do it right

Let?s talk about different types of venues. There are a lot of different types of venues and some of them are really conducive to same night lays. Some of them make it a little bit harder. There are a couple different things to look for when it comes to picking a venue for practicing same night lays and luckily for you, I?m going to be breaking it down for you right now.

The first thing to look for is a circular flow where everyone can see everyone. One of the major things about same night lays (SNLS) is the importance of movement, and the idea of social proof. Both of which are really important when it comes to same night lays.

So you need a clear circular flow in the bar so you can parade the girl around the bar and see which girls are looking at you and giving you strong eye contact. You can also move her around because movement generates momentum and compliance which leads to panties dropping.

But that’s a huge thing, you don?t want it to be somewhere where you can’t move around, where you can’t talk to people, where it’s very boxed-in, where there is no room to mingle, or anything like that. So a circular flow is vital to a same night lay venue.

The second thing you want in an SNL venue, is something to pump state; this is a really big one. One of the thing I notice over and over and over again when I lived in Dallas and Los Angeles, was that I would start getting same night lays a lot of the time from places that had live music or karaoke. Live music shows, and karaoke really pump state, the girls get into the singing, they’re singing along, they’re dancing, there is some stimulation, there’s kind of a group attentive focus, there is a built-in commonality that you guys all came to see or do the same activity. So you want something like karaoke, or live music. Even a mechanical bull will allow girls to really pump their states really high, get emotional and become open to gaming and things that feel good, like sex.

The third thing you need, is more of a meat-market feel. This means people are actually talking to each other and not trying really hard to be cool.? One of the worst places for same night lays is the super-hot, super-trendy, hard to get into club, that only has bottle service and nothing else. Those places generally tend to be much harder, because it’s harder to meet people, it’s a less social venue, everyone is there to show how cool they are. Those places aren?t great, instead we want a place that is a little more of a meat-market, where people are talking, and people are meeting, there is no real stigma against approaching women, and then it’s not necessarily the kind of place that you’re going to be the only guy approaching her.

So those three elements are really important for establishing the SNL type of vibe where you?re going to have a lot of success with women.

Now get out there and try to find an SNL venue near you.

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