Should You Wear Designer Clothes?

Fashion and designers go hand-in-hand. But the top designers cost some serious dollars, so you?ll want to put some thought into your purchases.

Don?t dress like an advertisement

Stay classy

Designer clothing shouldn?t be worn for the name. Your reason for choosing Boss jeans should not be that you want people to see the tag and be impressed- it should be because they are a good cut that fits you well. Moreover, why should you be a walking billboard for your brand of choice, and have to pay for the privilege?

Wearing prominent branding is frowned upon by those who pay attention to style. It shows you don?t really know how to dress, but are trying to make up for it by shelling out for well-known logos. While you will get attention for wearing visible logos, it?s not good attention. It?s even worse if you are dressed head-to-toe in name brands. Stay classy by mixing designer clothes and accessories with high-street purchases.

Designer jeans in, designer T-shirts out

There?s not much point buying a designer T-shirt. It is only set apart from other T-shirts by what?s on the tag. However, there are some garments for which buying designer is worth it. Jeans are one such item- jeans from well-known brands tend to look better than their chain-store counterparts.

Designer accessories are the way to go, especially when it comes to pieces that you will use on a daily basis. A designer watch or wallet isn?t as attention-seeking as a prominently branded shirt, but if anyone cares to look they will see that you?re subtly fashionable. Plus, when it comes to designer wallets, they usually are of exceptional quality when compared to cheaper options.

Designer doesn?t mean formal

Just because designer clothing is expensive doesn?t mean it has to be reserved for special occasions. Praises are often sung of designer suits- and while they are an amazing thing to own, you?re better off with a branded wallet which you?re going to use every day. Classic designer items are built to last- you?ll be using that wallet for years, so there?s no sense in savouring it for formal situations.

Educate yourself

Each brand has certain items that they are well-known for and do well, for example, Burberry shirts or Coach wallets. Before you commit to a certain brand, do some research and find out if the piece you want to buy is going to be top quality or a rip-off.

Make your purchase in person

When buying designer, you?ll want to have your wits about you. There are so many knock-offs out there, which look deceptively like the real thing but lack the quality. If you shop in person rather than online, you can feel the garment so you can determine whether it?s built to last, and have a closer look for signs that it?s a fake.

You can?t buy style

When it comes to dressing well, the main thing isn?t what brand you?re wearing or what?s gracing runways at the moment. It?s about looking good, being comfortable and confident in your clothes, and knowing what suits you. This is a quality that can take years to learn- it?s not something that can be bought from a high-end store.

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