The 3 Magic Questions For Getting Same Night Lays

Hey there.? Jon Sinn here and today I want to talk about logistics.

Logistics are the big difference between why I go home with girls and other people go home alone. I’m constantly aware of what my logistics are and what my logistical options are, because a lot of guys will allow themselves to get hemmed in by bad logistics and end up going home alone.

Know the secret

I’ll always look to make it work. Sometimes that means taking a girl down to the beach, sometimes that means taking a girl into an ice room. Sometimes that means going into an alley or a bathroom, but you’re constantly aware of what your logistics are, where you can take the girl that’s private that will allow you to get sexual with her with very little distractions.

Now there are 3 magical questions that will help you manage logistics in any situation.

Let?s go over them now.

So as soon as I start to get a little bit of attraction the first question I’m going to ask is what’s on the agenda for later.

This question is something I got from a guy named Brent, this question is the modern day equivalent of: “Do you want to fuck?” It’s great because (a) it shows that you’re thinking about what to do after the club closes, after the bar closes, you’re putting out the idea that there is still night life going on, you guys might still keep hanging out in the wee hours of the morning when sex just kind of happens.

So we all bring it up, it’s real simple, as I get attraction I go. “What’s on the agenda for later for you guys?” If you’re scared of saying that because you feel it gets too much like: do you want to fuck? You can throw in, ?are you guys staying here all night, or are you guys going somewhere else.? That’s a bit of a softener if you’re kind of a pussy.

That question is huge. What’s usually going to happen is they’re going to give one or two or three different answers.

First of all they’ll go, “I don?t know. What are you guys doing?” At which point you can seed your reason to bounce back to your place, which is a huge part of pulling. You need to have a reason, but I like to go with the reasons that are really “see through”. So I’ll say something like, “Oh yes, we’re having an after party, or we’re going to go have drinks by my pool. Something that is not overly elaborate, doesn?t need a huge set up and will allow you to pull with the least amount of work.

Now, sometimes they’ll say: we’re going to such and such a club, at which point you could be like, “Oh, that’s cool, we’re having an after-party later, maybe if you guys are cool you can stop by. Or they’ll go: “We’re going home and going to bed,” at which point you make fun of them for being lame. You’d be like, “You guys are lame.” Well if you guys are really cool and if you can stay up past your bedtime, then we’re having an after-party, and I might invite you guys.” So that’s the first one.

The second one is how did you guys all get here? That one I’d throw in like 15 ? 20 minutes into the interaction. Generally in the group: “How’d you guys all get here, do you guys drive, did you take the train? The reason is, we want to know what her leaving situation is. If she’s driving her friends, that’s a really tough logistical situation and now we’ve got to think outdoor sex or in-venue lay. If she was driven by her friends, again it’s still kind of tough because she will now need to convince her friends she can leave without them which sometimes can be a tough sell. The best scenario is she drove her own car, or took some sort of public transportation to meet her friends at the bar.

The last question is, what are you doing tomorrow? Now you know if she says, “Oh, I have to get up and go to work at 6:00 in the morning, there is going to be some trouble. Not always, some girls are down to have sex till 4:00 in the morning and then get up at 6:00 in the morning, but for the most part, if you run into a really early morning then you’re going to have problems. On the other hand, sometimes girls will give you really big clues about what they want to do. They’ll say, “I don?t have to be at work until 11:00 tomorrow.” Or, “I don?t have to get up till noon?I’ve got nothing going on tomorrow.” Then you’ll know that they’re more into the idea.

So to review, the 3 magic questions for gathering logistics and having a same night lay are:

  • What?s on the agenda for later?
  • How did you get here?
  • What do you have going on tomorrow?

Once you gather logistics, you?ll have a way better idea of whether you should keep talking to this girl or try to find a girl with better logistics.

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