Don’t Desert the Desert Boot

The desert boot was unknown to mainstream fashion until just a few years ago, but it?s now a popular shoe among men. Once you?ve tried on this comfortable shoe you won?t want to take it off, so it?s safe to say that it will remain a popular footwear choice for years to come.

What is the desert boot?

Despite the name, the desert boot isn?t a heavy duty work boot designed for trekking across dusty plains (although it had its origins in something similar). It?s actually quite a light shoe, usually made from soft suede. Leather desert boots do exist, but they look like they are trying and failing to be a formal shoe so should be avoided.

Boot it up!

The boot extends to just cover your ankle, and tends to be loose around the ankle. Quality desert boots have a low heel. The laces are simple looking, crossing the shoe just twice, and are often in a contrasting color to the suede.

Desert boots are much loved because they are so versatile with their simple design. You can find them in nearly any color, and sometimes even patterns. I?ve even seen a leopard print desert boot- although I don?t recommend you wear it!

For an understated look, colors like taupe, tan and navy are popular among desert boot wearers. If you?re looking to attract attention, wear them in eye-popping blue or maroon. Black desert boots are a rare find, but there?s nothing wrong with wearing them.

Casual or formal?

The desert boot is an everyday shoe- perfect for casual social engagements, but not the best option for the workplace or formal events. However, desert boots aren?t as informal as sandals or trainers, and can make a casual outfit look stylish and smart.

The best pants for desert boots

Being such a versatile shoe, you have plenty of options for pants to go with your boots. Jeans always look great with desert boots, but for an effortlessly stylish look pair them with chinos. Don?t match the color of your boots to your chinos, however. A winning combination is to wear blue chinos with brown or maroon desert boots, or vice versa.

During the summer, some adventurous men wear desert boots with shorts, which looks great on some but terrible on others. If you have bulging calves, then wearing ankle boots with shorts is not flattering. The design of the shorts has to match the style of the boots- very plain and simple, and preferably in a complementary color.

Socks and boots

Whether or not to wear socks with your boots is a matter of taste- but if you have any taste then you will be donning socks. Socks can completely change the look of your boots. If you want your socks to be unnoticeable, wear them in the same color as your boots. The same color but a different shade (preferably darker) works well. Or, to make your outfit look more interesting, wear socks in a contrasting color. Only an inch or less of sock should be visible- you don?t want to look like daggy in long socks. On a more practical note, wearing socks helps to stop nasty sweat odors.

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