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How to Tell if Your Clothes Fit

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it?s easy to accidentally wear clothes that don?t fit. Just because you can squeeze yourself into a garment doesn?t mean it sits well- and that can make all the difference between being comfortably stylish, or looking like a stuffed sausage.

Can you move in your clothes?

Test how well your top fits by doing the twist-test: raising your arms and twisting your torso from side to side. If your top is too restrictive to do so, it?s too tight. Similarly with pants, if you can?t comfortably walk in them, they are far too tight. If an item of clothing is comfortable without having excess fabric, it probably fits.

Fitting your shoulders

Fit right in

People come in all shapes and sizes, so it?s no wonder that not every garment is going to sit well on you. Shoulders are a particularly problematic. A top that is too loose will look saggy with material hanging from your armpits, while if it?s too tight it will be pucker and pull on your underarms. The seams should sit on your shoulders. Wearing a shirt which does not fit right in the shoulders looks terrible, even if it is a lovely shirt.

Length matters

Speaking of shirts, you have to get sleeve length right. Ideally he sleeved of a long-sleeved top, be it a dress shirt or a casual top, should extend to where the base of your thumb meets your hand. Much longer and you?ll resemble a child playing dress-ups, while if your sleeves are slightly too short you will look lanky and awkward.

A similar principle applies to the length of pant legs. The only thing worse than pant legs short enough so that you can see the socks, is when they?re so short you can see sock and some hairy leg protruding. Go for pants which hit the top of your shoe, obscuring your sock completely (although exceptions are made if that?s the look you?re going for with cuffed pants). Your pants should also not be so long that you stand on the back of them, which makes them tear and look ratty.

Excess flesh

Flesh spilling out of your clothes in places it?s not meant to is not a good look. A muffin top is inevitable if your pants are too tight and squeezing your lower belly upwards. This is easily avoided by knowing your measurements before you purchase a pair of pants. You may think a pair of jeans fits you perfectly because you don?t need a belt to hold them up, but that doesn?t mean they look good. It?s better to wear pants which have a bit of room to move around the hips, and pair them with a nice leather belt.

Make friends with the shop assistant

It can be difficult to decide for yourself if a garment sits well. When buying clothes from dedicated menswear stores, there are usually helpful shop assistants on hand who can help you with sizing and style. Use them- they are trained for this exactly that. Ask them for their honest opinion, and don?t be embarrassed about requesting a larger size.

Clothing fit is one of those things that you don?t notice, but you certainly notice when something is amiss. Choosing clothing that fits you properly is one of the keys to looking good, even if the individual items of clothing are not particularly stylish.

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