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What You Need At Your House for Her to Stay

You can?t expect her to want to stay over if your place looks like a rubbish dump. You don?t have to live in a sparkling palace, but there are a few basic requirements you needs to meet for her to comfortably stay the night.

Toiletries for her

Not the face you want

Some women don?t care if they wake up looking like a mess in the morning, but others won?t go to your place for exactly that reason. Women wear a ridiculous amount of make-up when going out and it never looks pretty in the morning.

You don?t want to be so prepared that it looks like you have a girlfriend living with you, or she?ll hightail it out of there. While it would be convenient if you had make-up remover on hand, you can?t because she will think it belongs to someone else living there. Moistened baby wipes are a great substitute, but thick tissues and soap will do (toilet paper is too crumbly for effective make-up removal).

Unless she is prepared enough to carry her toothbrush in her purse, you?ll want to have a spare toothbrush on hand as well. Not a mangy ?guest? toothbrush which has been used in countless mouths before- it should be a new one. If you?re caught off guard with no spare toothbrush, don?t offer her yours because that?s disgusting for both of you- she?s better off using her finger as a makeshift toothbrush.

Clean bathroom and bedroom

If all goes to plan, the main part of your place that she?ll see will be the bedroom. For most women, it?s not a huge issue if your bedroom isn?t neat- and if that is a problem, that?s her problem rather than yours. But it certainly can?t be filthy. Dirty dishes, unchanged sheets and takeaway food containers are all off-putting and will make her wonder if your place is infested with rats.

The bathroom is another spot she?s likely to make a trip to (she is only human after all). Bathrooms have to be reasonably clean or she?ll feel uncomfortable being there. It doesn?t have to be spotless, but if there are three different kinds of mildew growing on your ceiling, it?s a problem.

Keep pets out

It?s a turn-off if your dog or cat keeps jumping onto the bed while you?re trying to be intimate. It can also present an issue for staying the night- she probably does not want to be sleeping in the same room as a smelly dog. It?s even more unfortunate if she is allergic to your pet- it would make for a most uncomfortable night. Put it outside if you can, or at least keep it out of the bedroom.

Breakfast for the morning

It?s only good etiquette to make sure your guest is well fed. When a girl stays the night, you should either take her out for breakfast the next morning or be able to offer her something from your kitchen. If you?re too cheap to shout her a caf? breakfast, or if you don?t live near anywhere good, make sure your kitchen contains something edible. You don?t need to whip up a gourmet breakfast- cereal, toast or fruit are all easy options.

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