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Casual Shoes Guide

Casual is not a euphemism for looking bad. It?s simple to select the right shoes when you?re dressing up, but are you missing the mark completely when it comes to dressing casually?


Boat shoes!

Sneakers are not attractive shoes- they?re usually downright ugly. But unfortunately, going casual sometimes entails wearing runners, especially if you plan on being outdoors. Go for simple designs, rather than ones with crisscrossing lines and silly symbol detailing. Skinny jeans and runners usually do not mix- skin-tight pants combined with chunky shoes can make you look like a clown. However, chunky runners can look great with a pair of loose jeans.

The golden rule of wearing sneakers casually is making sure they are clean. One of the reasons sneakers are so ugly is because they are usually in far from mint condition. If you intend to wear runners as a casual shoe, have a pair separate from the shoes you wear to go to the gym or play sport in.

Chuck Taylors

A pair of Converse is a better alternative to sneakers. They are not an eyesore and come in a myriad of colors to suit your style. Being such a neutral design, they are not distracting from your outfit yet still look good. Hi-tops and low-tops both look great with casual pants. If you?re looking to make a statement, go with one of the bright colors. Red is a versatile yet attention-grabbing choice.


Loafers are an easy slip-on shoe, often with ornamental laces or rope detailing, that does not cover the entire foot. One thing to be aware of is that a pair of loose loafers will look sloppy. Go for designs which aren?t slouched and have a solid sole, to avoid looking like you are trying to masquerade slippers as real shoes. As loafers do not extend to the base of your ankle, they look best without socks.

Boat shoes

A little fancier than loafers without the charm of a pair of oxfords, boat shoes are your fall-back option when wearing shorts or cropped pants. The rope detailing that is a fixture of boat shoes adds some interest to them, but they are plain enough to be matched with almost anything. Boat shoes aren?t just for the seaside- although reserve the nautical colors for summertime. Again, as they do not cover the entire foot, they look silly with socks.

Ankle boots

They may not be the most popular shoe, but ankle boots on men sure look good with jeans. Appropriate for plain dressing or smart casual, they tend to be released seasonally in trendy colors so are an easy way to bring your look fashion forward. Being a lightweight shoe that covers your entire foot, they are most suited for spring or fall weather. A pair of tan suede ankle boots is a good staple to have in your shoe wardrobe.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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