Storytelling Secrets for Picking Up Women

Jon Sinn here and I want to tell you a story. Or more importantly I want to tell you about why story-telling is important for picking up women.

In fact there are 4 things that are really crucial that you can do with storytelling that are very, very important for attraction, comfort, seduction?the whole pick up process. So in this special TSB article I want to break down what the four most important things you can do with story-telling are.

1. The first one is: Framing.

Tell a story

Framing is super important because it determines both the roles that you and her and going to play in the interaction, it determines what part of her sub-personality you?re bringing out, it determines where the interaction is going to go, how she?s going to act, and what?s she?s going to accept as socially normal. If you tell a bunch of stories about how you really have to respect a girl before you have sex with her, and you want to get to know someone for a really long time, and you?re very respectful and not very sexual, you?re going to have problems when you try to escalate.

Whereas if you tell stories about how you slept with your ex-fianc? on the night you met her, then things are going to open up a little differently because you?re framing things in the right way. You?ll want to run frames through everything. Even telling a story about how every time you come to the bar, people are so nice to you and all the girls are so forward early on in the night, will help your game, because girls will go, well weird; and they?ll start to be more friendly, because they?ll think it?s the norm. So framing is really, really important. Storytelling is an amazing tool for framing. Not the only tool, but one of the best ones for sure.

2. The second thing, you can do with storytelling is you can Ground Yourself

The concept of grounding, to me, means different things than it means to Mystery, different than it means to other people who teach Grounding. Grounding to me is where you explain and define yourself first on an emotional level, and on a prepping level. Grounding is kind of a combination of emotional stimulation, background information and prepping them for what to expect later.

So when you?re grounding I?ll say things like: Well, you know, I grew up with three sisters so that makes me really in tune with the ways girls think. Or, I?m trying to be a writer and that makes me arrogant enough to think everyone wants to hear what I have to say; by grounding yourself you trigger the principle of reciprocity which basically says that human are social creatures, and as such they are more likely to give you information if you?ve already given them information about yourself.

When a guys comes up and he?s like: Hey, what?s your name, where are you from? What do you do? Girls are thinking: why don?t you tell me something about yourself, why am I telling you all this stuff when I know nothing about you? So grounding is very, very important.

3. The third most important thing, in my opinion, that you can do with stories, you can Cold Read people.

You can cold read people, you can tell a story about a friend who reminds you of them because she?s like this. For example, I?ll tell a story, I?ll say something like: Yeah, you remind me of my friend Sarah who is like the most promiscuous girl in the world. Like seriously she?s like the best female player ever. Like she?s always picking up different guys, and I really like her because she?s so honest and straightforward, and you seem like you?re that too, and blah-blah-blah-blah ? cold read; and now I can start again, framing, but also cold reading to build intrigue, to demonstrate understanding of women, understanding of her and her world, all in the form of a harmless little story.

4. You can Seed and Prep.

This is really important. You can seed girls for leaving the venue or for dates, and you can prep them for how to kind of act around you. Here?s how to to seed a date. You tell a story that happened in the place without inviting the girls, and then a few minutes later you invite them, but you can also prep them. You can tell stories about other girls you dated. You can tell stories about your past history with women, and generally you want to keep those positive and towards expectation setting rather than saying something like

? Yeah, I was never good with girls, so I got on line when I was like 16 and lost my virginity with this girl after reading this book about picking up chicks. It was AWESOME!?

You wouldn?t want to tell that story.

Instead you want to tell stories that frame the girl and the interaction towards sex, that ground yourself and your personality so the girl knows what to expect, you want to use your stories to cold read the girl and to prep and seed for future interactions. I know that?s a lot of information but if you can add just one of these four elements into your story-telling, you?ll see amazing results almost instantly.

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