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What Not to Say to Her Friends

You need to be on good terms with your new girlfriend?s friends if things are going to work out in the long term. It helps to be friendly, but being too friendly will sabotage your relationship.

Be careful

Most women have a few close girl friends that they tell everything to. They talk through their problems together. You want her friends to approve of you so that when your girlfriend is telling her friends about the issues you?re having, her friends will encourage her to work things out with you. If they don?t like you, they?ll seize on the opportunity to convince your girlfriend that you?re just not worth the effort.

With that in mind, here are a few things you don?t want to say to your girlfriend?s friends if you want them to like and respect you.

Don?t ask for a threesome

Usually you have to ask for what you want, or you won?t get it. When it comes to asking for a threesome however, don?t ever ask your girlfriend?s friends. They will think you are sleazy and will feel uncomfortable around you. There?s also no point asking, because any good friend will say no to you. In the event that you and your girl have discussed the prospect of a threesome with one of her friends, let her do the asking.

Don?t flirt with them

Flirting with the friends of the lady you?re with is asking for trouble. It doesn?t matter if the friend started flirting with you first – never reciprocate. You may think you can have your cake and eat it too, but for all you know, it could be a trap. Perhaps your girl has asked her friend to find out if you?re faithful. The friend may have even decided to take on this task of her own accord.

Even if you are considering cutting your girlfriend loose, realistically you?re never going to get with any of her friends, so it?s not even worth the effort of flirting with them.

Don?t tell them secrets

Anything you don?t want your girlfriend to know should also be kept from her friends. Women talk- you can be sure that anything you say in confidence will be dutifully reported back. While it?s an asset to build trust with her friends, always be aware that anything you say to them will not necessarily stay with them.

Don?t tell them intimate details

You don?t know the exact nature of your girlfriend?s relationship with her friends- she could be reserved when talking to them about intimate topics. Bringing up details about your sex life with her has the potential to be embarrassing for your girlfriend and assumes a certain level of comfort with her friends. Even if her friends already know all the details, it?s not appropriate for you to repeat them to a group of people that you barely know. You don?t need to stick to safe topics like the weather when talking to her friends, but use some discretion.

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