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Top Five Movies of Lucy Liu

Sometimes I would rather watch an awful movie than a good one. I don?t have to turn my brain on, I can just let mounds of crap wash over me, I can cringe a little, I can laugh a lot (assuming it isn?t a bad comedy because then there is no laughing at all) and I can blame myself for being masochistic. With a good movie, it engages me and I want to see whatever might happen next and how it happens and why. I can?t look away from a good movie. I want to absorb every moment of minutiae. With a bad movie, I can scream at the screen, laugh my head off, stick my head in a bucket of water or whatever, I won?t care if I miss something, and in some cases, I may even stave off insanity by doing so.

The great Lucy Liu

Which brings me to ?Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever? starring Lucy Liu. It is the most reviewed movie ever to get a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. That means that 108 critics did not like it one bit. That intrigues me to no end. I will see it someday, oh yes I will. However, I know that not everyone shares my tastes, so instead of giving you that movie, here are five pretty darn good movies that star the delightful Lucy.

5. Chicago

After watching this musical, I came to the realization that John C. Reilly could do anything. I?d seen him in ?Magnolia,? ?Boogie Nights,? ?The Good Girl? and ?Gangs of New York.? Add on top of that his performance as ?Mr. Cellophane? and I?ll go see about any movie of his.

4. Shanghai Noon

Trust me, at one time Jackie Chan had the ability to amaze me. (If you don?t believe me, check out ?The Legend of Drunken Master.?) I?m still a big fan of Owen Wilson if for nothing else than his work with Wes Anderson. Add in Lucy and it?s a pretty cool mismatched buddy film.

3. Kill Bill Vol. 2

Is Lucy?s big scene against the Bride in this part of the movie? No? That?s why it?s number 3 then, but well worth being on any list. I love me some Tarantino and yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I?m looking forward to ?Django Unchained.?

2. Charlie?s Angels

It was #4 on Cameron Diaz?s list, #3 on Drew Barrymore?s list and so if you like sequential numbers, it has to be #2 on Lucy?s list. (Yes, I like sequential numbers.)

1. Kill Bill Vol. 1

Is Lucy?s big scene against the Bride in this part of the movie? Yes? That?s why it?s number 1. The stark white of the snow and Lucy?s gown make the scene stand apart in my memory from the others in the movie.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Lucy Liu top five?

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