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A Trend to Die Fur

Fur is slowly infiltrating men?s fashion. This season it?s making appearances on collars. The way things are going, we could all be wearing head-to-toe fur onesies by next season. Here?s how to adopt the trend before it gets to that extent.

You are not a bear


Fur is best in small trimmings. You are not trying to look like a polar bear, so you shouldn?t be wearing an entire pelt on your back. While this look can be found on runways and on fashion extremists, by the time the trend has filtered down into the mainstream, it is in subtle touches only. Fur is commonly found on collars and lapels of jackets. For a demure take on the trend, adopt accessories such as furry gloves, scarves and hats (but never more than one at a time). Sometimes you?ll see a jacket with fur around the hood- these are not the best look. Leave them for eskimos and small children.

Don?t wear it with runners

A fur-trimmed coat is a smart casual piece with connotations of luxury. Runners and canvas shoes do not suit it. You need a decent pair of leather shoes to match with your coat. There is more freedom when it comes to what pants to wear with it, but you can?t go wrong with a basic pair of jeans.

Keep it for winter

Fur, even fake fur, is insulating. You do not want to be wearing it on a warm day- you?ll overheat and look stupid. Save your fur pieces for freezing winter days.

Fur is manly

While fur has been enjoyed solely by the ladies in recent years, it is actually quite a masculine statement. What could be more manly that hunting down a coyote for dinner then wearing its skin? Okay, so you haven?t caught the beast yourself, and your ?coyote? is actually acrylic, but a fur trimmed coat still carries masculine connotations.
For this reason, fur is a perfect match for leather. A fur-trimmed leather jacket or pairing a leather jacket with furred gloves is the best way to jump on the bandwagon of this trend.

Fake or real fur?

Choosing between faux fur and real fur is an important decision which will come from your personal beliefs. If you care about animals, the choice is easy. Otherwise, you?ll probably want to choose real fur for its luxurious connotations. Nothing says ?I?m a man with money? more than having a coat which twenty cute animals died for. Fortunately for the animals, real fur is hard to come by and expensive. Any fur-trimmed high street buys are bound to be faux fur.

Even if your fur-trimmed jacket is more plastic than pelt, you will be judged for wearing fur. You will be judged as harshly as if you had skinned a rabbit yourself. This is where poor quality clothes can actually be an advantage- you can pick faux fur easily if it is badly made. When you wear fur, people will ask you if it is real or not, and react with disgust if it is.


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