When She Says She’s Going Home With Her Friends

You?ve been flirting with your lady of choice all night and it seems like you?re really getting somewhere. Then you ask her to come back to your place and she declines, saying she?s going home with her girlfriends tonight. Is she making an excuse because she?s not as keen as you thought?

Relax, it?s just a girls? night

Girls night!

When she tells you she can?t go home with you because she?s going with her friends, it?s probably because those are her plans. Who would have thought she could mean exactly what she says! Groups of women tend to travel in packs when going out. We like to get ready together, go dance together, and debrief once the night is over. Her going home with you isn?t conducive to the last part of her plans. It?s usually more fun to have a night out with your girlfriends, from start to finish, than it is to get laid. Even if she is quite interested in you, she?s committed to her friends that she will spend the night with them. She?s not going to cancel on them just to get with you, especially if she knows she can do that next time when she?s planned it all out.

What does it tell you about her personality?

Her refusing to change her plans tells you two things about her. First, she?s the type of person who is completely inflexible with her plans once she?s made them. Second, she?s loyal and dependable. She?s not going to abandon her friends for some guy she?s just met. So you know for future reference if you ever end up taking her out, she?ll hate anything spontaneous and would like to know exactly what you?re doing, and she won?t waste your time by being late or cancelling plans.

Why it?s not an excuse

You?ve gotten to the stage where you?ve been gutsy enough to proposition her so unless you are terrible at reading people, she must be interested in you. You wouldn?t ask her back to your place if you?re not sure what she thinks about you. So she?s not saying that she?s going home with her friends because she doesn?t want to get with you. Such a practical reason why she can?t get with you tonight also implies that there is a chance it could happen another time. If she was lying to get rid of you she at least could have thought of a better excuse or just said no, thereby closing off any future possibilities of sleeping with her.

It could be a euphemism for her period

The only time when it makes sense for her to be lying about going home with her friends is when she?s got her period. If you?ve just met, she?s not going to want to have period sex with you, and she doesn?t particularly want you to know that it?s her time of the month. A euphemism which also functions as an excuse is a way out which doesn?t make her feel embarrassed and doesn?t dash her chances with you in future.

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