The Three Conversation Topics That Will Bore Her To Death

While interactions are dominated by body language, it?s important to be able to have a conversation too. The topic isn?t important, as long as she?s interested and engaged by it. With that in mind, here are some of the most boring topics that will result in her finding someone more exciting to talk to.

Music and movies

Make it exciting

Talking about your entertainment of choice is an icebreaker. You can use it to carry the beginning of a conversation with someone you know nothing about, if you?re feeling particularly uninspired that day. But get off the topic of music and movies as soon as you can. Nearly everyone consumes media- there?s nothing special about sharing similar tastes. If she isn?t a die-hard music aficionado or film buff, she is going to feel bored quickly as she partakes in a conversation that she?s had a billion times before. One way to segue off such a boring topic is to discuss a theme that appears in a movie you?re discussing, and from there you can ask her questions about herself which she will be far more engaged with.

Your specialization

When she asked you what you do for a living, she doesn?t want to know every detail. Particularly if it is an area which she is unfamiliar with, it?s likely to bore her. It will also make her feel stupid if she doesn?t understand what you?re talking about. Pick the interesting parts and relate those, and only elaborate on the nitty gritty details if she seems to be intrigued and asks more questions.

Your travels

Some people relish talking about countries they?ve been to. The problem is that it is not as enjoyable to hear about. There are a few possible situations when it comes to discussing travel.

– She has been to the countries you?re talking about. All you?re going to do is swap stories which are exactly the same, or you?ll tell her about this really cool place you went to only for her to reply with ?yeah I?ve been there too and already experienced everything you just said? after politely listening for half an hour.

– She hasn?t been to the places you?ve been to, because she lacks an interest in it. You will take her silence to mean that she wants to hear more, but she will be praying for you to shut up.

– She hasn?t been to the places you?ve been to despite her interest in travel. However, she will not be able to contribute much to the conversation because she isn?t well travelled enough. The end result will be you talking for ages while she sits there silently getting jealous that she hasn?t been there.

In any case, travel is not conducive to an equal conversation where you?re both contributing. Perhaps the only exception to this is when you meet someone while travelling, in which case it is a mutual interest that you will both be equipped to talk about.

These mundane topics can provide a way into conversation or resurrect a dying interaction when you aren?t sure what to say, but don?t make them the main topic. Use them to shift into other subjects, or she will think you?re dull.

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