Top Five Movies of Rosamund Pike

The clich? reads, ?The grass is always greener on the other side.? There?s always going to be a younger or hotter girl. There?s always going to be a cooler party, a better bar scene. Another city will offer more interesting things to do. The next channel has to have something better to watch. Those were my thoughts as I examined the filmography of Rosamund Pike.

The film ?An Education? is a favorite of mine. It doesn?t have much in the way of a complex plot, but just shows how our choices can direct us in life. Rosamund?s character plays a great counter example to Carey Mulligan?s character. It is no doubt that if I were to make a list of my favorite of Rosamund?s movies, that it would be number one. Then I thought ?Die Another Day,? would be an easy number two as a very capable and action packed Bond film made right before the gritty* reboot of the series.

*All references to Daniel Craig as Bond must be described as ?gritty? per the Geneva Convention Order #564 which followed order #563 which said Sam Rockwell must be described at all times as ?quirky.?

Then I started to look closer at Rosamund?s films. Bond kept getting pushed further and further back as its non-gritty nature kept paling in comparison to the potential of other films. Before long, I had a list of five that I would rather see for the first time than to watch Brosnan as Bond again. So, here are the top five movies of Rosamund?s that look better on the other side.

5. Barney?s Version

Paul Giamatti, like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, can do about anything in a movie and make it interesting. This movie about meeting the love of your life after your married sounds a bit formulaic, but I?m sure Giamatti, Rosamund and Dustin Hoffman can make it work.

4. Made in Dagenham

Ranking up for me with ?An Education? is ?Happy-Go-Lucky? starring Sally Hawkins, who stars in this, supports in ?An Education? and ?Never Let Me Go,? another fine smaller film. It?s probably not a coincidence that Carey Mulligan also stars in ?Never Let Me Go.?

3. Fracture

Since I saw ?Eight Men Out,? David Strathairn has been near the top of my list of actors. Add in Anthony Hopkins and star of ?Drive? and ?Lars and the Real Girl,? Ryan Gosling to go with Rosamund and I think this one could be pretty enjoyable.

2. Pride and Prejudice

Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, Jena Malone and Rosamund all starring in a Jane Austen adaptation as the Bennet sisters? Sign me up, immediately (as long as I can get it on Netflix Instant.)

1. The Big Year

I?m not sure I?ve ever seen a film devoted to bird watching. (I don?t count ?The Birds? since that is more keeping a wary eye on birds, rather than an enjoyable one.) This movie features bird watching done by Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black and that seems like a must-see to me. (Plus Joel McHale and John Cleese appear as well. Comedy!)

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Rosamund Pike top five?

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