Snapback Caps

Are you cool enough to wear a snapback cap? While a few decades ago baseball caps were the height of daggy, they have long been appropriated as a symbol of effortless style. Be warned: it takes a lot to pull off a snapback without looking silly.

Style of a snapback


Snapback caps are associated with hip hop, so when wearing a snapback cap your whole outfit should be keeping in with the style. Skinny jeans and a graphic T-shirt do the trick. Snapback caps should invariably be worn with sneakers- anything more formal than that looks strange with a cap.

One facet of hip hop style that no self-respecting man should adopt is wearing pants slung low. Nobody wants to see your underwear. It looks sloppy, and is made so much worse by knowing that you?re wearing your pants low on purpose.

Take the sticker off

You wouldn?t wear clothes with the price tag still attached. Similarly, there?s no reason to leave the sticker on your cap. Your cap doesn?t have much resale value after your head has been sweating in it. There?s no need to keep it in mint condition, so take the sticker off before wearing. It looks stupid to be walking around with the sticker still on, reminding everybody that you paid money for this hat once.

Pick a design that means something

Snapback caps tend to have some sort of design on the front, usually from a sport team. Choose a hat from a team you follow or with a design that has significance for you. Otherwise you will look silly when someone tells you ?that?s my team too!? and you have no idea what they?re talking about.

Avoid clown hair

Most people will find no problem with putting a snapback on their head. However, if you have bushy hair, this look is not for you. Particularly if your hair is long and wiry, you will look like a clown wearing a hat.
While on the topic of hair, frequent hat wearers will know that once you?ve committed to wearing a hat, there?s no taking it off that day. Particularly if it?s a hot day, your hair will get sweaty and stringy. Think ahead when you?re going to be wearing a snapback- if you will have to go inside at some point, that day is not a good day for a hat as you will either look stupid for leaving it on indoors, or your hair will be flat and disgusting.

Where to wear a snapback

Snapback caps instantly make your entire outfit casual. They?re great for a day out with your friends, but not fantastic for anything more formal than a coffee date. Also, keep in mind the purpose of a hat: to shade your face. While you?re wearing it primarily as a style statement, it still looks silly if you wear a cap indoors or at night. Worst of all are guys who wear snapbacks when they?re out clubbing, with that winning combination of wearing indoors and in darkness.

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