How to Make Her Feel Smart

Hot women know they?re attractive. You reminding her of that will make you just like every other guy that?s approached her. Many good looking women want to feel appreciated for something deeper and will feel an intense connection with anyone who can meet that need. Everyone wants to be thought of as smart, funny and engaging. Here?s how to let her know that you respect and appreciate her for her mind.

Ignore her looks and really listen to her

Body language says far more than words ever will. It?s no use murmuring about how clever she is while your eyes are somewhere in her cleavage. Keep eye contact and engage with what she says. If she says something serious, don?t hijack the moment with flirty banter. Have a genuine conversation. Treat her opinions as important and respond with thoughts of your own.

Don?t make her seem smart by comparison

Dumbing yourself down so she feels like a genius compared to you won?t do you any favours. The objective isn?t to make her think she?s smarter than you. That will make her feel good about herself, but won?t do anything to interest her in you. If you project yourself as being switched on, she is likely to mirror you and abandon any bimbo image she is putting on. By saying clever things yourself, you will inspire her to follow suit. Even if you say something which goes slightly over her head, she will at least be flattered that you think she is smart enough to follow.

Assume she is clever

Don?t patronise her by talking about a difficult subject and explaining every facet to her. Rather than spell everything out for her, assume she knows what you?re talking about. If you use a term and you?re not sure that she understands, ask her if she knows what it is before jumping into an explanation. Elucidating every little thing insults her intelligence and makes you look arrogant.

Have an intellectual conversation

Have a few clever conversation topics up your sleeve. You want subject matter which is accessible, but also gives plenty to think about. Philosophical discussions are usually the way to go. Everyone has an opinion on an ethical problem once it?s explained to them, and discussing your different perspectives is a great way to get to know each other. Avoid anything too involved unless you know she has an interest in it. For example, unless she marks herself to be a computer geek, don?t start talking to her about the inner workings of a computer. She won?t be interested and she will feel stupid.

Making a dumb girl feel smart

So a highbrow conversation wasn?t really her thing. There are other ways of making her feel valued for her intellect, despite the fact you suspect it?s not all there. Compliment her on a skill. Try to make it meaningful, but even something superficial like ?you?re great at walking in those heels? will do. The idea is to make her feel competent at something, even if she?s not textbook smart.

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