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The Secret to Making Her Blind with Lust for You


In our previous 3 articles we’ve looked at how to set sexual frames the following ways:

Sexual Story-Telling. This is where you tell either metaphor stories or grounding stories in order to set the sexual frames we need, in the least obvious way possible. Sexual Story-telling can be used very early in the interaction with a woman as a way to get the ball rolling.
Cold Reading. When it comes to cold reading we want to use our cold reads to either enforce our standards about sexuality or we use compliments to get her to accept the sexual frame because she finds it validating.
Bait-Hook-Reel-Release-Rapport. In this qualification mechanism we use bait to get women to give us information we can qualify them for before we use rapport questions to build our sexual frames.

Now in this final article on sexual framing we’re going to look at the wonderful world of double binds.

Double binds are questions or statements, which result in a person accepting the question no matter how they answer. So for example I might say:

“Are you like a typical LA party girl?” and the girl will be framed no matter what she says

If she says: “yes”

Then I go: “cool I like girls that party”

Now I have framed her as someone who parties and someone who is fun.

If She says: “No.”

I go: “Cool, I hate girls like that. I totally like girls who are more independent and who don’t worry about what other people think. “

Either way, I am getting her to accept a frame through verbal trickery that is, a little bit of applied neural linguistics programming, if you ever on the Internet you see stuff for nearing linguistic programming that basically the best thing there is little verbal slips and things like that, that can make people fall into your frames. Double binds are great because either ways the girl answers, she falls into the frame.

So those are the 4 ways to set sexual frames using story-telling, cold reading, BHRRR and double binds.

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Sinn is widely regarded as the second best PUA in the world. Sinn is known for his hard nosed style and take no excuses approach to teaching. He is a nondenominational teacher, which means that he subscribes to no particular method and instead blends the best of every school of seduction to create the best possible results for himself and his students. Sinn is currently running his own pick up company The Sinns Of Attraction, which offers live, phone and email training. To learn more about Sinn go to

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