How to do the Patterned Blazer

Patterned blazers ooze style and individuality, with a touch of eccentricity. So much more interesting than wearing a plain suit jacket, a hint of pattern updates your look and marks you as distinct from the pack. Here?s how to make a unique patterned blazer work for you.

Best patterns for your blazer

The ideal patterns for blazers are simple and repeating, with soft shapes rather than hard geometric lines. As a general rule, if you wouldn?t wear the pattern on a shirt then don?t have it on a blazer. The converse doesn?t apply though- stripy shirts abound but a fashionable guy wouldn?t be caught dead in a heavily striped blazer. Paisley is a classic pattern that is ideal for blazers. Houndstooth and small checks are also good choices.

Keep it simple, stupid

Pairing a patterned blazer with a patterned shirt is a huge style mistake. Wear it with a plain, block colored dress shirt and full length slacks. Depending on how dressy your blazer is, you may be able to get away with wearing dark blue or black skinny jeans. Wearing dark colored pants is a surefire winner, but light or white slacks can look fantastic. Never wear matching patterned pants with a patterned blazer unless it is an extremely subtle design such as pinstripe.

A skinny tie works wonders with a patterned blazer as the sleek tie cleans up your look. You should be sticking to similar rather than complimentary colors with a patterned blazer for a look that is stylish rather than flamboyant. Dark or muted colors are also preferable for this reason- bright shades are a little too standout for most situations.

A pair of black leather Oxfords are the best shoe choice for an outfit centred on a patterned blazer, as they are neat looking without being too prominent. Wearing a pair of casual shoes such as boat shoes cheapens the entire look.
Your outfit should look streamlined and tidy. Wear your shirt buttoned up without it protruding from under your jacket, shoes lightly polished and a belt to hold your pants in the right place.

When to wear it

Patterned blazers are best suited to a smart casual atmosphere. While they are dressy, they betray enough individual style so as to not be appropriate for some formal situations unless featuring a very subtle pattern. However, a tastefully printed blazer in a good cut and a quality material is too fancy for anything below smart casual.
Make your outfit snappier by adding accessories such as a fedora and tie. Go easy on the jewelry though- you could end up looking like you?re dressed as a pimp.

A standout look

For an even more attention grabbing take on the look, try it with light colors. A paisley blazer in, say, cream and pale blue paired with light gray pants is a stylish but standout combination. It can be difficult to choose shoes for a light patterned blazer outfit. Try to obtain simple shoes such as Oxfords in a color that appears on at least one of your garments. Failing that, burgundy tends to work surprisingly well.

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