Easy Conversation Topics for a Dinner Date

You?ve scored a date, but the hard part is only just beginning. Especially if it?s a first date and you don?t know her that well, it can be hard to find common ground. Here are a few easy conversation topics- they won?t wow her, but they will provide adequate conversation until you stumble on some common ground.

The venue and the food

Possibly the easiest thing to talk about when you?re out for dinner, is where you are and what you?re eating. It?s not the most thrilling of topics, but it will do to fill in the awkward silences. To this end, try to pick a venue which is in some way unique. A restaurant with a theme or at least a nice view will provide you with some conversation fodder. It?s also a given that you?ll talk about the food that?s in front of you- but don?t stay on this topic for too long. The idea is to get to know each other, not to form a critique of the food. Segue into a more exciting topic; for example, ask her what strange foods she?s tried and the conversation should flow from there.


Everyone loves talking about themselves. Ask her what her aspirations in life are- but don?t request a step-by-step outline of how she?s going to do it. It?s a date, not a job interview. Try to find some common ground in terms of what you are both seeking in life. Not only would this make for great conversation, it will also help foster an immediate connection if it appears that the two of you are alike.

Current news

You may not know much about each other, but by living on the same planet you already have common ground: what?s in the news. If you?re from the same city, talk local; otherwise, national or global issues can make for an interesting discussion. Be aware of what?s been in the news within the last few days, particularly in regards to scandalous or weird topics. It?s not difficult to start a conversation along the lines ?did you hear about how our local politician got caught doing?? as even if she hasn?t heard of the story yet, she will be interested to hear it.

Talk about the last time you saw each other

If you?ve been on a previous date, you could reference something that happened last time. It won?t be a particularly long conversation, but it will show that you?re interested enough to remember your last date, and will strengthen the connection by making it feel like you?ve known each other for longer. You can still do this if it?s a first date- say you met her while on a night out, you could ask her about how the rest of that night was (unless, of course, she ended up going home with you).

Smile in the silences

It?s common for dates to have a few awkward moments where neither of you knows what to say, before you?ve gotten to know each other particularly well. Don?t be afraid of the awkward silences- if it happens, implicitly acknowledge it rather than pretend it didn?t happen. Look her in the eye and smile- hopefully you will both have a giggle at the awkward silence before moving on with conversation.

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