Hooking Up With A Stripper – The Player’s Guide

Because this is such a popular topic amongst dating coaches all over, it seemed natural that I should cover it as well. I honestly don?t know why so many guys are into strippers (probably because they are so hot and they dance naked) but for the sake of this article I?ve been attempting this for the last 3 weeks. Last Thursday, I finally managed to do it and I?m here to lay it down for you guys.

I did a lot of research before actually attempting this. All of the material I read had some good and some truly awful advice but in the end I came out with a decent plan that eventually worked out great. There are even books about this (if you can believe it) and quite frankly there?s really no need for more than one detailed article and that?s exactly why I?m writing this today.

What You Need To Know Before You Start

? You need to look decent. Because I?m fit and dress well I didn?t get to see what would happen if this wasn?t the case ?other pick-up geniuses seem to argue that because strippers look incredibly good and make money by showing their bodies, they?re less likely to have low standards ? which when you think about it?totally makes sense so, hit the gym and dress well if you expect something to happen.

? You need to orchestrate a FANTASTIC excuse for being there. I went with a bunch of friends (one was 7 years older), including girls and explained that my ?boss? basically forced us all to come here.

? Do NOT visit a club where strippers have seen you before. It will kill the above point and you?re instantly on the ?client? list so, your chances of scoring are incredibly low. You can basically have a few SAME night attempts per venue. If you?ve lost the chance on the first night, it?s pointless to come back?.at least that?s the way I see it.

? Strippers are ?almost? just like every other woman. I use ?almost? here because they do get naked for money and have to deal with a LOT of greasy bastards. This applies to high-end clubs and some medium-end ones. Low-low end ones have bruised strippers that may also sleep or are forced to sleep with customers and all sorts of nastiness?so stay away from those. The high-class ones have the hottest girls anyway. Some girls there are actually paying their PhD?s with stripping money but that?s a different story.

– The above point is true for personality, emotional state and sex. Yes, just because she?s a stripper it doesn?t mean that she?s great in bed. The above point also proves that your game will work just as it will with ?almost? any other woman.

Important Note: Considering all of the above – you need to BEHAVE differently from any other dude that comes into that venue.

Find The Right Time

Picking the right time is important. As I?ve mentioned above, it happened on a Thursday. Going there on off days is absolutely paramount. These women are there to make money and it really doesn?t matter how amazing you are, she?s still going to need to make that buck. If you go there on an off day there?s a much higher chance that you?ll have enough gaming time with her.

Find The Right Stripper

This is another fundamental issue. You need to get with the chick that?s the youngest and has been there the least. The more experience they have the less they see clients as potential dates and the better they are at squeezing money from them. I?ve noticed that when I personally asked the girls, most of them said ?I?ve just started this week?, which makes that answer totally unreliable. The bartenders, dj?s or bouncers can shed much more light on this subject.

Make sure you don?t ask them directly but actually have a casual conversation in which you slip a line like ?So how long have these girls been doing this / Do these girls do this for years or just to get some quick money?? And you?ll have him tell you ?Ahh well, those 2 over there have been here for year but that younger girl over there, she?s been here for like a week or two?.

As soon as you hear that, you?ve got your potential prospect. Now the chase begins.

Make The Approach

Again, it?s important to understand that these women are at work. They are there to make money thus denying them this opportunity is an insult.

If she approaches you and says ?How about a dance??, don?t be a disrespectful douche and say ?How about I give you one?? that?s never going to work and even though she smiles and laughs and acts all professional about your retarded comment, she will never treat you seriously.

The best thing to do is to say no, and offer to buy her a drink. Remember, you don?t frequent strip clubs but your ?boss? forced you to come tonight. This will give you plenty of time to have a decent conversation where you can spit some game.

Game Her Like A Pro

The Conversation

As I?ve already mentioned. Strippers are like normal women thus you need to game them as you do any other chick. Do not ask them about stripper tricks, pole tricks, her stripper job, does she have sex with clients and any other bullshit that you?d never ask a normal woman.

Keep it simple and emotional while displaying value and personality. Ask her about her real life, what she does in her free time, what she likes, her goals, ambitions etc.

Many strippers have sad stories (what I?ve personally noticed), avoid such depressing subjects and move on to something more upbeat.

Game her exactly as you would any other woman. DO NOT compliment her about her looks (that?s what ever other punter does) instead, compliment her intellect or personality and try to get as much time with her.

Her Time

This is what really separates gaming a stripper from any other woman on the planet. She is at work and she needs to earn money. I know for a fact that in the USA most strippers pay a fee to be in the strip club (say 100$ per night) so, they basically need to cover that and then what they make on top is their profit.

As great as you may be, sitting and talking with you is basically costing her money. Buying drinks is cool and dandy but she?ll eventually want to squeeze a dance or two out of you or would need to leave you to go and squeeze dough from other dudes.

This is where the game comes in. First of all, you?ve never been in a strip club so you don?t want to get dances. Don?t go into details; don?t say you don?t want to pay; don?t say it?s demeaning; none of that, just avoid paying her money as much as you can. Act shy about it, say ?I don?t think it?s a good idea?.

The moment you chuck that cash out for a dance you?ve got a high probability of just being a customer. Plus, many girls hate doing that so it triggers all sorts of issues in her mind. If you really, really see this as the only way to get some extra time with her, get your friends to buy the dance for you.

These chicks will also quickly move onto sex talk to get you horny and get you spending?if this happens, quickly change the subject.

Now here?s the kicker? whenever she tries to squeeze cash from you or mentions her need to make money, encourage her to go earn. Say you really don?t want to be a time waster and that she can go earn from those dudes over there and when she?s got some extra time, she can come back and you?ll buy her another drink. This tells her that you?re not one of those jealous possessive bastards that can?t deal with a stripper girlfriend but also, you understand how the game works and you don?t want to be a time and money waster.

Often enough, especially if they already made their nightly quota you?ll find that they actually chose to stay and talk to you instead of squeezing more money of some sad punters.

If you really think that your game is working (hard to tell since that?s her job) then you can eventually give in to a dance. You can tell her that after she finishes squeezing more money from those dudes over there, you?ll buy her another drink and then maybe you?ll let her dance for you.

Go In For The Close

If you?ve been doing everything properly, by now, she must be completely convinced that you?re not like all the other retards. You like her for who she is (her personality, intellect ? NOT BODY). You?re ok with what she does. You have a general respect for women (strippers included) and you don?t frequent strip clubs.

If all these requirements are met, she will most likely give you her number. This is actually a logistical problem (many strippers can?t give out numbers to clients because it can be tied to prostitution) but you can either ask her to tell it to you or write it down somewhere. If she?s willing to give you her number there?s a good chance you?re going to get the bang.

It?s Time For Sex

Contrary to popular belief, you?re probably not going to get the bang that first night. The best thing to do is to continue treating her like any other woman. The moment you manage to see her outside the strip club FORGET that she?s a stripper.

Having this mindset will again allow you to game her like any other chick. You will need to take her out for drink in a different venue (not a strip club) whilst constantly spitting game like a pro.

If she?s really busy (works 6 nights a week) you?re going to have to visit her at the strip club. Never go there again until you see her OUTSIDE at least 1 time. Once you?ve done that she?ll associate you as the guy she was on a date with. This makes it ok to go back to the strip club because you?re not there for the strippers, you?re there to see her (the person, not the stripper).

Never go there earlier than 1 hour before closing, it will be less busy and she?ll have more time to see you. One hour while she?s working is probably a maximum of 30 minutes together, this means that she doesn?t have time to get bored with you so she?ll want to see you more once she?s done with work.

It?s now time to drop the ?how about we go back to my place? line because she will be much more inclined to say yes.

I met the chick in the strip club, saw her once outside, went back there 2 more times and got the bang. If you think about it? we met, had 1 date + 2 club sort of dates, we banged. Not really all that different from your no sex till the 3rd date chick.

Here is another article related to the subject:?https://www.tsbmag.com/2011/09/28/why-93-of-strippers-are-bisexual%E2%80%A6and-into-having-threesomes/

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