Using Sexual Teasing to Make Her Smile… and Go Home with You

Jon Sinn back with some awesome girl getting ideas that are going to help you get hotter girls into your bed.

In this two part article I want to break down a couple different types of sexual teasing. Sexual teasing is a vital tool for making things sexual while still keeping it fun and playful so as not to come off creepy or perverted.

The 3 major types of sexual teases are:

? Push Back- A push back is an unflattering stereotype that the girl is going to push back against that is somewhat sexual.
? Fast forward rewind- Fast forward rewind is where we are going to try to get sexual and then we are going to take it way back. This is one of my best techniques.
? Push pull- Sexual push pull. Obviously push pull is where you say one thing nice and one thing kind of mean, so obviously sexual push pull is the process where we are sexually into her and sexually not into her.

Let?s go through these in more detail.

Starting with the Push Back

Pushbacks are unflattering female stereotypes designed to get her to qualify herself and fight back a little. This gets her to invest emotionally in the interaction.

So we are getting her emotionally involved with the interaction. Push backs are my favorite because they are easy to use, they are short, you don?t have to remember a lot of stuff and they get the girl emotionally involved in the interaction when she starts pushing back and fighting, playfully obviously, you are creating sexual tension.

Let me give you a couple of examples of push backs:

? You are a really nice girl
? You are really old fashioned.
? You are like the wait a month before sex kind of girl.
? You are kind of prude.

All these things are short, they are easy. They are basically things that are sexual for her to push back against you. You can use them really early in the interaction. I can use push backs in the first five minutes. I can use push backs even in social comforts because they just give people to push back against and when you do it in a playful way the girls won?t get mad.

So push backs are generally how I like to start my sexual teasing just because they give me somewhere to work off of for the rest of the time. One of the cool things about sexual teasing is that if you say something once, you can call it back and continue teasing her about it for the rest of the interaction over the phone, in person, on dates etc. so it?s good to establish themes earlier on and push backs help you do that because it gives you something to argue with the girl about.

In part two of this article, we?re going to be taking a look at the second two types of sexual teasing; Fast Forward-Rewind and Push/Pull.

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