Why She Thinks You’re a Loser

Some women are so difficult to impress that it?s like being back in high school. Somehow, you?ve been identified with the ?loser? label and there?s no shaking that label once it?s been pinned to you. You may think that being a loser is an intangible quality and you?re puzzled as to how you earned that title. However, it?s a combination of qualities which leads to you being perceived as a no-hoper.

It?s not (just) you, it?s her

Tarring you with the loser brush is immature. You can be satisfied in the knowledge that her swift dismissal of you isn?t so much a reflection on you, rather it?s more of an indicator of her judgmental tendencies.

You?re too keen

One sure way to mark yourself as a dork is by being too keen, particularly on someone that you?ve just met. You don?t want to act like all of your hope in picking up or getting a date rests on this one woman- it will make her wonder what?s wrong with you that you?ve become so invested in her, so quickly. Being too pushy, or getting too excited when you?re receiving a little morsel of attention, is a sure way of making yourself appear to be a loser.

Fashion faux pas

Sizing you up is quick way to judge you as being a dud without ever having to talk to you. If you?ve made any major style mistakes, an observant woman will seize upon them as evidence that you?re somehow deficient. White socks with dress shoes, the wrong style of shoes with an outfit, the wrong style of jacket of an outfit, and ugly hats are all conspicuous fashion mistakes which will destroy your chances by marking you as a dud before you?ve even opened your mouth.

You look like a dork

Beyond the obvious style sins, there is also a dork ?look? which you could be tarred with. Those with a sedentary lifestyle often turn into this image, as your muscle wastes away and you become pale from lack of sunlight. To fix this, you need to put some effort into looking after your body.

No confidence

You need to carry yourself with confidence, even if you?re faking it. Being timid and self-doubting is off-putting and possibly the definition of what it is to be a loser. It also makes her wonder what fatal flaw you have that makes you lack confidence. If you act like everything you do is intentional, even when you?ve said or done something by mistake that screws up your game, she will perceive you as having a strong personality rather than being insecure and awkward.

Get some social proof

No matter how much you seem like a loser, a healthy amount of social proof will dispel that notion. If you have friends in high places, women who dismissed you as being a bit of an underdog will do a second take. Having social proof makes you suddenly appear a lot more intriguing.


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