5 Ways To Increase your Conversational Skill

One of the best ways to make yourself more attractive is by improving your conversational skill. I don?t mean just having good routines and good lines in a pickup artist context, but actual dialogue with other humans in any context, including dating. Conversation can be a bit of lost art, but here are a handful of ways you can improve you conversational skill.

1. Increase your vocabulary by using a Word of the Day website.

I really like wordthink.com wordthink.com, where they have useful words you can embed in conversation right away?an example was ?acuity? on February 8?great word! They also archive words from the previous days and you can get caught up immediately if you miss a few. Besides making you sound intelligent, using cool, unusual words is fun.

2. Record yourself speaking and fix any weird speech errors.

Almost no one does this even though it?s a great way to turn yourself into more polished speaker. Note rhythm, the pitch of your voice, and now you structure dialogue. Try recording yourself over audio only or video using your smartphone. If you listen to how you sound over playback, do you sound like someone who?s intelligent and interesting or do you sound like a dumbass? If the answer is dumbass, fix that stat. Go for being a powerful, clear speaker.

3. Girls like pop culture.

I pay attention just enough to pop culture that I can keep up if I get into a conversation. What?s great about pop culture is that it?s fun to talk about on dates. I lean towards cool TV shows (Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc) and Hip Hop music. One icebreaker is to trade favorite pop songs from the last year?I?ll do this and even whip out my iPhone to show videos. It?s an easy laugh to talk about how ridiculous the latest French Montana video is or what exactly Lil Wayne is rapping about.

4. Telling stories.

I?m really big on telling stories and I have tons of stories to tell, mostly because I?ve done lots of cool stuff in my life. This one is obvious, but do lots of cool stuff and you?ll have an inventory of stories you can unreel at a moments notice. People like hanging with people who can tell a good story.

5. Cut down on wordiness.

What most people don?t realize is that listeners can process dialogue a lot faster than you can speak it?which means if you say something 2-3 different ways for emphasis, you?re repeating yourself and losing your audience. I go for concision and try to structure my speech for maximum impact using the minimum amount of words. I try to never repeat myself when explaining or describing something. Assume the intelligence of the listener.

Try integrating any or all of those into your conversational toolbox and you should see an improvement in your conversations.

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About Lance Lance is a tech geek by day, social artist and fitness enthusiast by night. He specializes in relationships in real life situations, such as workplace and in business, and his goal is to create high value social circles filled with opportunity. For more on his dating and relationship perspective, check out his blog honeyandlance.com

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