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How to Dress Like a Footballer

You may have the agility of an elephant and the coordination of a puppy, but you can still dress like you own the pitch. Stealing the rugged and intensely masculine style of a footballer is surprisingly easy.

Wear sports brands

Trick people into thinking you have athletic prowess by wearing sports labels. An Adidas jumper or a branded pair of basketball shoes will do the trick. These are pieces that you can wear casually, but that suggest you spend your leisure time practicing masculine pursuits on the football field.

There?s a difference between wearing sports branded apparel and garments intended to be worn while playing sport. If you?re only going for the look of a sportsperson, all you need is a few branded pieces suggesting that you?re used to wearing sports brands. Wearing a pair of gym shorts or a breathable singlet top won?t do you any favors.

Dress tight

Footballers tend to have good bodies that they like showing off in moderately tight clothes. You will rarely see a footballer wearing baggy clothes to hide his shape. At the same time, you don?t want to wear clothes that are too tight, which is not flattering on anyone and could betray the fact that you are not actually a dedicated footballer. Soccer players typically wear fitted tee shirts. You?ll get a more authentic look by wearing a round-neck tee rather than a tank top.

Bright colors

Sports teams invariably have a color code, usually two or three bright and easily recognizable colors. You don?t want to dress like you think you?re on a famous team, so refrain from wearing all of a team?s colors at once. However, wearing one bright item in one of the colors of a local team will imply a connection. It will also make you look like you are used to wearing such colors and perhaps on a team. Just have a vague answer prepared if anyone asks you who you play for!

Textured hair

Getting the hair right is key to looking like you?re a sportsperson. Whether your hair is long or short, the idea is to keep it slightly messy in a styled way. A touch of texturizing product ruffled through your hair does the trick. Your hair shouldn?t be over-styled, but you can?t just leave it the way nature intended either. Faux-hawks are a suitable hairstyle if you?re trying to look like a soccer player.

You don?t have to be sloppy

David Beckham doesn?t let his personal hygiene slip just because his job involves getting sweaty. Being well groomed and looking ruggedly handsome are not mutually exclusive. Having long, greasy hair and a cloud of cheap deodorant around you will not make you seem like a sexy sportsman, rather, you will just look like you are overdue for a bath.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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