3 Tips for Timing Your Online Dating Messages Just Right

Whether you?re messing around with POF or Match.com, playing the online dating game is about timing. By that I mean when you send a message and when she receives it greatly affects your chances of her responding. Consider that she?s receiving dozens of messages per day?it?s easy for women to get email fatigue from all those messages, especially because of most of them suck. She could miss your fantastic message amidst all the clutter or she might drop off online dating altogether because she?s sick of the weirdness. Timing is everything.

Here are 4 tips to improve your timing and get a better response.

1. Some platforms tell you if the person is online right now.

Message her when it says she?s online now, so ideally she?ll see the notification in her inbox and read the message seconds after you send it. On your end, you should have a couple of email templates ready to go that need only a few tweaks.

Generally, I do NOT message someone if I suspect she?s not near a computer and won?t check her inbox for hours, or even days. This means during work hours and on Saturday. The last thing I want is my message getting mixed in with 20 other dudes.

The key is I want her to get my message and be in a position to be able to respond to it right then and there?her simply receiving it is not enough.

2. Search on new members or new profiles, and message those women as soon as you can.

You want to be the first message she reads in the community and start the first conversation immediately. Once she gets into the 30+ range of emails, fatigue sets in and she?s as good as history.

3. I like to send messages on Thursdays to set up a date for Friday night.

A lot of women won?t have dates lined up for the weekend, so you can catch her at the right moment and get an impulse date in the books. This helps you skip a lot of the online dating hoops you normally jump through, like lengthy email exchanges. I?ve been able to get a next-day date in as little as two emails using this method.

4. Send messages first thing in the morning.

This one sounds weird because who the hell sends online dating messages at 7:00 am? but it works for precisely that reason. Also, what do most people do right after they wake up? They check their email and Facebook on their smartphone. Be the first thing she reads in the morning. I use this one sparingly because she might not be able to respond until much later in the day?see #1 above. Make sure your messaging is rock solid.

Try adding some timing tactics to your online game with the above tips and see your responses improve.

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