What She Thinks About the Movie You Pick

Whether out on a date to the cinema or having a movie night in; the film you choose says a lot about you to the woman you?re trying to impress. There?s a lot of pressure on you when you?re tasked with picking what to watch- your decision is more important than you think.

It reflects your self-image

Picking an action movie does not make you look devastatingly masculine. It makes you look like you want her to think you?re devastatingly masculine, especially if you are anything but. The film you select reflects on how you think of yourself, so be careful. You don?t want to choose anything too testosterone-charged, it just makes you look like you are living vicariously through the actors. Underdog movies are not much better, in case she thinks you identify with the pathetic main character.

She?s looking at the actresses

If you?ve picked a movie based on the eye candy, you?re shooting yourself in the foot as your real life chances will be diminished. This is another reason to avoid action movies. The scantily clad women who populate action movies will be making your girl feel insecure about herself, a sure way of making her not up for any action with you.

Never pick a chick flick

Picking a chick flick because you think it?s what she?ll enjoy is bound to backfire. She might suspect that you?re trying to send her a hint that you?re gay and therefore not interested in her. She could also get annoyed that you picked a chick flick because that?s what you presumed she likes, when plenty of women despise chick flicks (or at least many publicly claim to, but occasionally indulge in it as a guilty pleasure). It is however fine to oblige if she expresses a preference for chick flicks, in that case she has brought it on herself. She would have to be fairly stupid to think that your willingness to watch a movie that she?s chosen is a hint about your sexuality.

Safest choices

Of course the best option is to pick a movie that intersects across both of your interests, but that?s not always possible, especially if you have no idea what she likes. Comedies (but not of the romantic variety) are the safest choice for a movie. She will be relaxed from all that laughter, and they?re easy to watch. You can bond over a shared sense of humor- just be sure not to pick anything that might offend her. Movies of the horror or thriller genres are also good options as it gives you an excuse to cuddle up, although you run the risk that she isn?t a fan of scary films.

It?s also not a bad idea to watch a boring movie. We all know it?s not really about what you?re watching and it?s just an excuse to get closer. Choosing a dull movie allows both of you to cut to the chase earlier, while an interesting one can serve as a distraction if you decide you actually want to watch it properly.


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